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Bombs away: Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter can’t escape software problems

24.01.2014 09:12

The US Defense Department has warned of reoccurring technical problems with Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter, the Pentagon’s costliest weapons program that has already come under heavy criticism.

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John Jorgensen 16.04.2014 18:51

Anti aircraft rocket technology is , alas , developing a bit faster than the F-35 . The .4 trillion dollar jet will be good target practice for a ground to air missle which might cost about 5 million bucks . Sell them to foreigners and let Raytheon shoot 'em down , if they ever see action .


Norberto Triemstra 11.03.2014 01:20

I can tell that this air-plane is decidedly UGLY.

And ugly air-planes never fly well.....


hung whale 09.02.2014 15:31

I'm wondering how much of the negative info that comes out about the F-35 is bogus - just to confuse and throw off foreign countries that may be trying to duplicate it in some way. Of all the money that has been put into the F-35, these reoccurring problems can be fixed easily.


Jeremy L. Wooten 30.01.2014 01:46

Sorry 35 year old jets the f-18 was the f17 in completion against the f-16 in 1978


Jeremy L. Wooten 30.01.2014 01:45

we need the joint strike fighter as we only sell weapons anymore and what they aren't saying is 3/4 the cost is recouped by foreign sales!!! and without the next fighter we cannot maintain our position as the best in the world period not to mention why put 20 year old jets on a brand new carrier?


Casper Remy Jenkins 26.01.2014 15:27

392 billion... that could end world hunger


Jason Schafer 25.01.2014 13:27

The Federal government thinks they can run a low cost health care system too.


Diazsanchaz Blosanglos 25.01.2014 07:49

I always wondered what happened to the offspring of the Keystone Cops.

Now I know.


Gary Snyder 25.01.2014 06:57

Mechanical beauty is in simplicity, even in the event of a complex machine. The plane is obviously no where close for use. Still a experiment with need for great refinement. No guinea pigs should ever go to war.


Chris Riley 24.01.2014 23:05

I would prefer a manual jet. Something I can control. I know. USA Government is made from absolute money laundering corporations.


Field McConnell 24.01.2014 18:24

Private Intel Group Abel Danger warned of this more than a year ago. Google this combo to verify: [ canada + f35 + abel danger + software ] Will be discussing on today's livestream show at 2pm eastern, link is at abeldangerdotttnettt Field McConnell

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