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'Pepper spray cop' hoping for 'psychiatric' compensation

26.07.2013 23:50

The California police officer who was filmed blanketing a group of peaceful Occupy protesters with pepper spray has filed for worker’s compensation after experiencing psychiatric problems when footage of the incident went viral.

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R 30.10.2013 02:37

It is so nice to see that the Mr tough guy with a badge is now fired, and seeking psychiatric benefits!
To all the tough cops out there that think your badge will protect you! remember you all have families and mortgages and that you are only tough when you are with your gang members! once you are fired for misconduct you become helpless and pathetic!


EndCorruptCorporatocracy TS 23.08.2013 04:33

John Pike should be impaled on a pike. Abusers fear no repercussions for their misdeeds, & this needs to change: It needs to become as personal for them as it already is for us. Police are waging a brutal one-sided war against the very People who pay their salaries & whom they are sworn to protect. "Law enforcement" entities behave like rogue gangs & are the only *true* domestic terrorists in the US. I'm glad to hear the police chief received death threats. If she actually gave an EFF, she would have done a lot more to correct this situation--even after the fact--than cry like a baby & flee the state like a coward.


Alfonso 10.08.2013 06:15

Remember that law enforcement will not hire any one with an IQ more than 99. Making certain that this new hire has a very difficult time locating a job that pays for vacations, health care, retirement and $60,000 a year. This person will do anything to keep his job. Present economic conditions make it harder for someone to do the right thing.


Alex Shepherd 09.08.2013 00:01

He deserved physical trauma, not psychological. These types of people, like Pike, should be stoned by angry mobs. What ever happened to the good old days?

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 13:36

Police live from harrassing those who pay them. It's nothing more than legalized extortion. Go die.

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 00:29

He must not have been a freemason, otherwise he could kill people on camera and get away with it.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 23:59

He should have gone to jail for that!!! Another example of our FACIST govt at work.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 19:53

He deserves to suffer. The psychological damage of the hopelessness he proliferated is far greater.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 19:31

Evil men reap what they sow.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 18:16

I say, "No!" to fronting the bill for a rogue officer unfit for duty.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 17:37

If he is so psyched then a mental institution is the appropriate place and paid by him personally.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 17:36

Ohh reallyyyy!!!!
Ho w about 'Medal of Honor' too for Mr. Pikeee ?

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 17:18


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