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80 percent of Americans are angry at the government

20.07.2011 17:32

Here’s some breaking news: Americans are angry at the government! A new poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post reveal that dissatisfaction with the US political system is at its highest in nearly 20 years.

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Justin Anderson 15.05.2014 17:05

I am hurt by this article, I love the government. We would be lost sheep without the big corps to guide us. They may seem devious and hurtful at times, but that's because they know what's best for us and ALWAYS keep the people's best interest in mind. For all those who oppose the government, you should consider yourselves lucky that you were forsaken by the almighty leaders. You see, I used to be like you, but once I attended a mandatory re-patriotism camp I was shown the error of my ways and now have more faith in our government than ever. Praise Monsanto! Praise Wall Street! As they lead us to the NWO! :)


Kyle Grooters 29.08.2013 12:51

PetranoEsq 24.07.2011 13:27

Many "dissatisfied' Americans (myself incl.) have no doubt 9/11 was orchestrated by the Bush White House and subsequently perpetuated by the Obama White House, as a false pretext to continue the $costly, tragic wars Iraq/Afghanistan (and everywhere else) ongoing.


Don't forget it was the bases of the Patriot Act and NDAA that eliminates or Bill of Rights.


Kyle Grooters 29.08.2013 12:50

Wrong Maxwell! I am American and I feel betrayed by the government for letting big Corps run them! Government gives big Corps the powers to walk all over and eliminate small business. They are a tandum unit that should have never been connected.

Last time I checked it wasn't capitalism taking us to war, that was government. The idiots in this country have your view. The people using their brains here know that it's the combine action of both Govt and Big business that is killing this country.

Go wave your marxist flag in the woods.

Anonymous user 04.06.2013 21:14

Uhh, yeah. Obama is one of the worst US presidents we've had. And he represents us? Poorly of course

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