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Petraeus mistress reveals real motive behind Benghazi attack (VIDEO)

12.11.2012 18:39

The fallout from former CIA head David Petraeus’ resignation might be more significant than first thought: as all eyes turn to the ex-intelligence chief’s mistress, it’s apparent that she may have been privy to what really happened in Benghazi.

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Anonymous user 21.03.2013 20:36

i dont care what anyone says, Paula Broadwell is a goddess, she is gorgeous


Hugh Beaumont 21.03.2013 16:23

I see Ms. Broadwell hasn't missed any trips to Gold's Gym. She must be pumping those 15lb weights furiously.

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 16:04

He was set up by the sleazy things that are destroying the Republic of The US, sad to see it go

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 13:39

The clowns are in charge, and they're giving away the circus.

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 12:13

More disinformation. Petraeus was a victim of a honey trap-part of OBAMA! US military purge.

Anonymous user 19.03.2013 22:20

No way she slept with that minuscule man, look at her! This story is so bogus!

Anonymous user 19.03.2013 18:24

the guy below me is an idiot, examine some 9/11 material before you open your mouth

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