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Businessman accuses Philadelphia cops of severely beating and robbing him

27.03.2013 20:36

A 60-year-old Philadelphia businessman who was working in his shop late one night alleges that he was attacked by police officers, who proceeded to handcuff him, kick in his teeth and rob his store of $34,000 while claiming to search for “contraband”.

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Anonymous user 08.05.2013 00:05

nahh. this is nothing compared to cops in other countries.

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 00:03

$34,000 won't cover the dental fee to put his teeth back in place.
I hope they love prison

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 19:13

Nothing like a dead crooked cop. No matter what country!

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 17:52

USA is scary. I'm glad I don't live there. The evil empire is completely falling apart now into ruin

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 01:29

Cops only make $7.50 an hour in some Philly towns so they must steal from hard working people


Johna Allison 27.03.2013 23:50

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 23:49

Welcome to Philly! Land of Opportunity! hahaha


Yes, only the US has dirty cops. No, no other country in the world does.

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 23:49

Welcome to Philly! Land of Opportunity! hahaha


Johna Allison 27.03.2013 23:49

If you google the topic it seems they are dirty and were already under investigation. Sounds like time for prison...


Johna Allison 27.03.2013 23:44

So they didnt steal the money, they seized it through legal means. If the rest of the story is correct, which is questionable since the bias is evident, the cops should go to prison.

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 23:12

find out where these dirty cops live and take care of it yourself.,

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 21:58

Normal in Philly.
Lucky they didn't put one in his head, toss a gun at his feet & say he pulled it!

Anonymous user 27.03.2013 21:48

They will get away with it and the tax payers will fork out for their crimes! Brilliant. God bless.

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