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Israeli police head to US to aid in Boston Marathon bombing investigation

17.04.2013 14:33

The investigation into Monday’s deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon has officially gone international: law enforcement officials from Israel have been sent to the United States to assist in the probe.

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Eduardo Rivera 27.07.2014 19:20

Boston Police gets training from Israel. For what to treat us like Palestinians?.Totall y dehumanized.


Lucifer Light 23.11.2013 22:24

A completely staged event. With fake amputees. Fake blood. Fake victims with a couple block busters. They have Americans wrapped like a cheap ribbon. Suckers !

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 01:03

This time, even Russia's poison hasn't been able to twist the story. God bless Israel, from USA.


Brian James Liam Geary 26.04.2013 09:40

I love how in the first photo I saw of the Tsarnaev mamaleh she wasn't wearing a scarf. The agents must have realized their mistake and in the newer photos they made sure the balebusta mamaleh agent wears a head scarf.

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 05:29

I think they printed this story to make it appear they are involved they are not here? No thanks

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 05:25

I am sure Obama said thanks but no thanks. This can not be true!

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 23:09

UK gave Jews Israel against Torah; Torah says G-d must give it; Israel failed the test & is doomed.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 22:45

no, Christians are the chosen - those who accept Jesus Christ are God's new chosen.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 22:35

Oy, the Tsarnaev boychiks. Such a good looking Sephardic boychiks getting mixed up these bombings.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 05:27

i saw a guy wave it around a few times before he set it down. i like jews, i dont trust israel 1bit

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 05:25

the first bomb went off in front of the israeli flag, it was part of a row of flags... symbolic?

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 21:24

Posing as friends inorder to get a foot in the door because they are curious and information czars

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 07:38

Yes, Israel is God's chosen people. He will take care of them.

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 07:22

This is The City of London's way of saying, "We want to help you."

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 05:45

they want to get the organs


Tia Foster 21.04.2013 01:54

If this isn't suspicious, then I don't know what is.


Bud Smith 20.04.2013 17:23

Gosh, what a coincidence. Israel just happened to send a team of investigators just before the bombing. I'm sure they will tell us what really happened. (Sarcasm used to imply that Israel was involved in the bombing).

Anonymous user 20.04.2013 13:44

What was the original "trip" for?????

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