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Mayor Bloomberg trashes New York judge’s stop-and-frisk curbs

13.08.2013 14:23

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that a federal judge’s decision to reform the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy could mean a return to the days of violent crime, which has plummeted since Bloomberg took office 12 years ago.

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Daniel hudd 14.08.2013 14:20

Tell you what Mayor Bloomburg, when we can stop and frisk your Lobbiest accounts, Bank Accounts and affiliations with Jesuit, Masonic and Communist activities then we will see who needs to be behind bars.


Salvatore Vitale 14.08.2013 05:58

A public official standing up for people and the bill of rights? what guts to pick up the fallen flag and its a women.


Tom Wilson 14.08.2013 02:11

What part of this law does bloomberg not understand.harrasing non guilty citizens is not inline with our constitutional rights.Your a disgrace...


Reuben Alexander 13.08.2013 17:28

All this could be avoided by just legalizing Cannabis in New York. Then the cops stopping and frisking could go back to actually looking for guns and knives. But the truth is that isn't want Bloomberg cares about, he cares about giving a false sense of safety.

He can scapegoat the problems of the city on the disenfranchised while doing nothing to fix them. That way the majority never catches on and votes for real solutions. Nobody cares about drugs except for for profit prisons and the cops getting over time.


Leon the Professional 13.08.2013 17:24

I doubt the stop and frisk had anything to do with crime rates falling. Crime rates have been falling all over the country for the most part, it probably has to do with the fact that NYC is overbloated with cops as they are all the time adding more cops to the streets.

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