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Cop sued for tasering handcuffed mentally ill man

29.11.2013 19:36

A Pennsylvania man is suing local Millvale police for allegedly tasering him multiple times while handcuffed.

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Tadeusz Kościuszko 02.12.2013 16:28

The police in America are scared of their own shadow. SHOOT FIRST its a old lady her cane looked loaded. OOps it was unloaded. NOW give me paid leave I need a vacation!


B Sacks 01.12.2013 08:54

Werdna S 01.12.2013 03:52

I'll gladly give up my US citizenship in exchange for a plane ticket out of this he11 hole.


I renounced my US citizenship 2 years ago & it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. The US Govt and Police State is outta control-- get out while you still can! I live in a country where the cops don't carry guns on their hip belts--nice eh?


Rossiya 30.11.2013 22:05

Americans should stop once that onbennulige claims. You really can not solve major societal problems by dragging money. Together for justice In addition, no more money in the U.S., especially the government does not. With all these benefits, facilities, and wars that they have to pay.

Try to look at the cultural environment the solution. And that comes with decent education, respect for one another, decency, manners, and sense of justice.
But yeah, I'll be an outsider again.


Sidney D Mitchell 30.11.2013 18:21

he could have been 302 in wpic by the cops not taser and arrested for sitiing on churches is not a crime


Ed Camilo 29.11.2013 22:58

american cops are a bunch of fascists! and assassins at that. I wish them all dead!


Victor Del Rio 29.11.2013 20:55

“At no time was he a danger to anyone besides himself," banging his head and was arrested for drunkenness. As that is the case, the LEOs and paramedics could not forcibly (legally) drug him into sedation. The inmates whom cry police brutality are the same ones always causing trouble in jail.


Pakeha_Islander 29.11.2013 20:36

"He was fined $100, given 180 days of probation, and assigned to a mental health facility for treatment."
My opinion is that he should only have received the assignment to the mental health facility. The fine and 180 days probation is an criminally egregious tactic, utilized too often by the "authorities&qu ot;.

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