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Shutter, then shudder. Spy-app sends smartphone pics to police

07.03.2012 23:46

Snitching has eventually entered the digital age thanks to a new smartphone app that lets anyone, anywhere tell the police: “Hey! That’s kind of weird!”

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Nube Privada 23.05.2014 14:14

Such applications are already embedded in many of the applications we use daily!


Ralph Boughner 20.06.2013 02:47

Wow......its not just uncle sam watching us now.
...its big brother....lil sis....aunt ;uncle. Neighbor watching neighbor. Etc etc. To the 10th power!!!
Guess that wise man that once wrote
"Inte lligence gathering is the worlds second oldest profession, exceding the first in the numbers who want to participate"
He was right!!!!!

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