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Pro-gun activists flood US state capitals defending right to bear arms (PHOTOS)

20.01.2013 01:59

Pro-gun rallies have been held across the US demanding the White House curb its sweeping new gun-control proposals and to defend the second amendment of the constitution.

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Louis Lalonde 11.05.2013 14:02

I'm all for gun rights. Law abiding citizens with no mental health issues should have guns. I personnaly don't have any, wish I did, but I have other financial priorities, like paying my rent and food! I wish I could afford to buy a few. The thing I don't understand is that I would spend a lot more energy defending my rights as a worker, tenant, consumer, public transit user rather than my gun rights. Question of prority. There seems to be more people in the US demonstrating for guns rights then people demonstrating against low wages, lack of union protection and social justice. Financial security comes first to me.


Raymond Armstrong 11.05.2013 07:57

Armed and disciplined doesn't sound like a general right to carry arms but restricts it to those who are "disciplined&qu ot; as in lawfully constituted bodies of the state.

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