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Professor told to delete NSA-related blog post from university site [UPDATE]

09.09.2013 21:54

A university professor who wrote a blog post detailing how the National Security Agency breaks secure internet connections was asked to remove the article from the school's servers, inciting cries of censorship throughout the blogosphere.

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Valerie B. 20.09.2013 14:24

That's a photo of Johns Hopkins *Hospital*. The university is much prettier! Unfortunately, your software won't allow a link to an image, so you'll have to search for yourself...


Geoff 10.09.2013 21:55

The NSA logo is in the public domain. Not sure why they think can tell someone within the US to take it down


Ra-Har-Khuti 10.09.2013 11:39

Nothing to see here Blog on! Bill of Rights? Didn't they go for a drop down the abyss with the patriot act?


Denise 10.09.2013 00:13

Its relatively easy to stop the USA from spying on and recording all the worlds email, phone conversations and
search engine history.

Ju st stop buying any US companies products or services
straigh t away.

Lobby all our governments, that we wont accept their behaviour and urge our governments to stop cooperating with them in any way especially not to buy US military hardware.

T he only thing the USA understands is greed. Start hurting US companies bottom lines and watch the NSA
be de-funded by congress in seconds.


funkytowel 10.09.2013 00:01

America is the next secret police state, the secret is coming out, this is evidence that, instead of coming clean, the government intends to dig deeper, to become an even filthier animal.
It's becoming easier to imagine what ordinary Germans must have thought about their government sixty or so years ago.


Denis G 09.09.2013 22:41

Just shut up and dance. To their tune.

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