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Anti-Monsanto protesters dump bags of cash in Senate building

10.10.2013 22:08

Three activists taking part in an anti-Monsanto protest were arrested by Capitol Police after dumping bags of money on the floor of the atrium to the Senate’s Heart building.

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mergon 12.12.2013 12:39

so the politicians take the money ,but in the cold light of day one of their relatives ,a young child gets a GMO based condition and is disabled for life and or dies how do they live with that ? ask Monsanto for more money ?


John Johnson 15.10.2013 19:03

The pictures the woman on the right is holding are from a French study that is severely flawed and whose results have been dismissed. The rats are Sprague-Dawley rats, a strain bred to produce tumors. 35 out of 100 rats will produce tumors like the ones shown, even when fed a standard diet of water and rat chow.
In fact, if you read the study, you will find one group of rats that were fed Roundup had a lower tumor rate than the group that was not fed Roundup.
These images are intended solely to illicit fear in the public.


Stephanie Cevelin 15.10.2013 05:27

There's an age old profession that usually inhabits the worst parts of towns, except ours are in DC. Each of them pandering to the highest bidder or whoever offers the most attractive deal.

There was talk of licensing that profession; however if they did, they would have to include those on the Hill as well and I doubt they want on record who their customers are in the light of day.


Bert Tweetering 11.10.2013 08:19

If you're going to get arrested, this is as good as it gets:
".... showed one of the activists on the floor of the atrium, showering herself with the paper bills while another threw them into the air around her. "

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