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US railroad oil spills in 2013 surpassed previous four decades combined

23.01.2014 00:39

Newly unveiled federal data indicates that more crude oil was spilled in US railway incidents in 2013 than in the prior 37 years combined, inspiring lawmakers to push for new safety standards that could avoid similarly devastating incidents in the future.

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GabbyStyles 22.06.2014 16:40

Notice all these wrecks happen near major water sources.. Not an accident. NOTHING about these "accidents" ; is an accident. They are being done on purpose by entities trying to secure control of North Americas drinking water, which is being hailed at Fidelity as "the new oil". Start by looking at BNSF & CSX dispatchers, get one to crack about who is paying him to inform on the movement of loaded oil cars, and just follow it up the chain from there. Along the way, putting each link in jail and throwing away the key, til you get the psychos at the top. When you find them... Public Executions at Super Bowl Halftime.


Luke 01.02.2014 13:45

Patrick Newcomb 28.01.2014 22:46

All the more reason to build pipelines!


USA - Crashing trains in support of pipelines since 2013...


Patrick Newcomb 28.01.2014 22:46

All the more reason to build pipelines!


Diazsanchaz Blosanglos 23.01.2014 05:27

The hand is not quicker then the eye.

This is fore-play for justifying pipe-lines.


Aleksandar Tomić 23.01.2014 04:10

And where is your Greenpeace to climb the trains now?


Gary Snyder 23.01.2014 02:46

Were there more spills or has the reporting of spills increased?

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