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Rand Paul says he hasn't flip-flopped on domestic drones

24.04.2013 17:41

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) is coming under attack after making a comment on national television this week that’s been construed by some to signal the lawmaker’s newfound approval of domestic drone use.

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mergon 28.02.2014 15:09

Oil running out ? natural gas ,water supplies in the crapper? monitory system crashing ,cities falling apart , citizens with guns , your going to need drones lots and lots of drones , tell them that they wont be armed and they will fall for it ,then pick one incident and then arm the lot ,
its not like you using your own money its public money ,like their money , they are funding their own suppression !

Then bring out Marshall laws ,curfews ,just put the whole thing out to contract then you wont be blamed for the thousands of civilian deaths !


Devin DeMoure 26.07.2013 19:41

Hey, user 19.06.2013 17:50: as a "Paul-tard" ; myself, I think that totalitarian policies from the right (you and your neocon friends), are as damaging to American liberty and freedom as totalitarian policies from a liberal. We have a close eye on the facts and flops of politicians because the freedoms taken for any reason are wrong-directional. Failure to pay attention costs us dearly.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 17:50

Paultards love nutty Ron but when it comes to Rand, they'd apparently prefer a liberal in the seat.

Anonymous user 28.04.2013 01:53

Better resign now, your not Ron Paul SR. Just a typical politician in for the money.


Jeff Jackson 27.04.2013 21:16

shoot em down over your yard, you were under threat.

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 00:03

The exploding backpacks were CRAFT backpacks, and Tsarnaev was shot in the throat, and can't speak!

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 04:28

People are not reading his entire comment. He is talking about an imm threat! This is a msm attack

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 22:15

Boston was a blatant violation of constitutional rights. No warrants used at all, to enter houses.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 13:22

I liked Rand Paul until this. He is saying drones are o.k for the US or anywhere. I'm disappointed.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 11:28

Paul is a dissapointment. Drones are 100% evil. Ban drones.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 09:40

Paul is nothing compared to his father.
Rand Paul is a Zionist schill.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 07:58

Senator Paul has what it takes to preserve the Republic. He is just a good man with solid morals.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 06:49

Money, money, flip-flop...just a good bribe! Throw the first stone Amerikkka !

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