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Pentagon's DARPA researchers learn to control rat's brain over Internet

28.02.2013 19:47

Government mind control may not be as farfetched as it sounds: after 15 years of research, scientists have found a way to transmit information from one brain to another, thereby controlling the thoughts of its test subject.

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Yi Jiun 14.04.2014 18:17

Have we even learnt to control our own mind? :)

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 14:00

The US has mind-control already, it's called CNN


Kaela Creighton 20.06.2013 22:22

You know, all I needed was a vacation. I had so many leave days. I really needed some time to sort through my thoughts. Someone should have forced me to go on vacation. As far as drooling over Putin goes, I don't even understand why that happened. I was young for my age and not that into males. Then pow, I'm all over him. It started on Fort Bliss.


Kaela Creighton 20.06.2013 22:19

Yeah, I remember this. Where are the dinosaurs? LOL I was so stupid back then. I believed it, but it's not real. They made me eat of Putin since I wanted his fruit. Don't you think that's a little extreme punishment-wise? They said what they were doing to me was "child's play." I want to play now. I'm so jealous I can't see straight.

Anonymous user 12.04.2013 19:41

the US has mind control and it doe's reach brazil. It has been used on me for ten years,

Anonymous user 12.04.2013 19:40

the US has mind control and it doe's reach brazil. I has been used on me for ten years,


Juanita Holloway- Walters 11.03.2013 02:10

This is wrong on so many levels, it is mind boggling. The world seems to be a little more evil with each passing year, and I shudder to think of the evil uses that will occur.

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 18:34

Sick Sad World...

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 14:58

This program needs to be sequestered. What a waste of my hard earned dollar.
Thank you Pentagon.


Chuck Hansen 03.03.2013 18:56

The Constant Crisis News & Opinion self-help and humor podcast performs the newly discovered Jedi Mind Meld with the rat-telepathy researchers to uncover the REAL reason for this study, and it's disturbing. Listen to this story in this week's episode at constantcrisisnews.c om, starting at 17:55

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 01:25

Quite a few typos in the next 2 last paragraph. Some1's not receiving the proper brain transmissions

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