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Red Cross chief blasts US for force-feeding Gitmo inmates

12.04.2013 15:02

The head of the Red Cross has urged the Obama administration to mend the situation in Guantanamo that has compelled prisoners to starve themselves, and criticized force-feeding as a solution to the hunger strike.

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Anonymous user 16.04.2013 20:59

Obama will close Gitmo and open the FEMA concentration camps for all who refuse to worship him.


Steve Meadows 14.04.2013 19:19

"legal predicament ..."

T he government NEVER has a legal predicament. The government is the law.


Steve Meadows 14.04.2013 19:11

The Red Cross is full of liberal commies who hate America and should not be recognized UNTIL.....

Americans get captured abroad and SHAME to those who deny the Red Cross access to our soldiers!

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 11:16

Jersey jeff two words the second one ends in off.

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 02:00

Thanks rt, even Truman thought it was immoral. and Stalinwas fooled into waiting for the Nth Islands

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 01:54

ANSWER: nobody, not the American sheeple, not the government or military, come on Russia, MOLOTOV.??

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 01:41

WHO, one name, here....., one name, HERE, thought it was a GOOD idea to bomb Hiroshima or Nagasaki 1

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 01:41

About the way, how comes the YANKS are allowed to kidnap citizens arround the world and torture UN?

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 01:38

The Red C, vampires waited 10 years to blast, what a good job you BLOOD SU-CKERS ...

Anonymous user 13.04.2013 23:23

Do the world a favor--Let them starve to death.

Anonymous user 13.04.2013 15:59

ICRC should not expect anything better from a country with a negnog chief.

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