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Syria researcher dismissed for falsifying credentials hired by Senator McCain

27.09.2013 21:47

The Washington scholar who was cited by US leaders calling for a military strike on Syria, only to lose her job for fabricating her academic credentials, has been hired by the office of US Senator John McCain, Foreign Policy magazine reports.

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AZ WI 30.09.2013 02:29

Naturally John McCain would hire the warmonger! They do have a lot in common, they're both not qualified as either military or foreign affairs expert, they're both compulsive liars. finally without a doubt they're both warmongers that the Defense & Oil Industries own. they will do fine together


StepStone 29.09.2013 09:37

Good for McCain.


Ken 29.09.2013 07:22

The more liars the merrier!


Hermann Helmholtz 29.09.2013 07:19

And no one should forget Judith Miller, who invented many, many tales about WMDs, conversation with "sources" and other evidence which the New York Times splashed on its pages.

Judi th Miller was later sent to prison for contempt of court, but she left behind a tradition the New Yrok Times is fond of maintaining.

Today heirs of Judith Miller are busy fabricating exactly the same propaganda at the New York Times. Ann Bernard, for example, is a prominant replacement for Judith Miller, and she uses the same style of reporting.


mijj 29.09.2013 03:24

“Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her ability to generate useful propaganda over the last year,” McCain told Foreign Policy in a statement. “I look forward to her joining my office.”

.. is what the senile old twonk meant to say.


Ralph Emmerson 29.09.2013 02:51

ISW members according to 2011 tax documents, included: Elizabeth Cheney, and founder of the right-wing advocacy group Keep America Safe; William Kristol, editor of the neoconservative flagship magazine the Weekly Standard; Jack Keane, a retired four-star general who coauthored with Frederick Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute “Choosing Victory,” a 2007 study that served as a blueprint for the so-called “surge” in Iraq; Dennis Showalter, a military historian; Hal Hirsch; Bill Roberti; and Kim Kagan.


paul 28.09.2013 23:17

Aside from McCain and O'Bagy, lets not forget the other liars at play here, namely the grandiose neo-con Washington "thinktank" ; the Institute for the Study of War and in particular their spokeswoman Kimberly Kagan and the outrageous claim that O'Bagy's poisonous propaganda was "verified by multiple sources". Is there anyone left on the planet who believes the "rebels" are not almost exclusively composed of organ-eating, child raping, chemical weapon using reactionary Islamic psychopaths, dupes, patsies and foreign mercenaries and al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian extremists along with their western and Saudi controllers?


Sabine Keil 28.09.2013 16:42

[quote name='Sabine Keil' time='28.09.2013 16:41']Just read Susan Lindauer´s "Extreme Prejudice" as a book to see how they work to avoid responsibility.[/quo te]


Sabine Keil 28.09.2013 16:41

Just read Susan Lindauer´s "Extreme Prejudice" as a book to see how they work to avoid responsibility.


Doug Welch 28.09.2013 16:17

Something tells me O'Bagy will not be the last mindless warhawk to be outed as a complete fraud. This is a good thing. Of course the really important thing is to try and jail all the NeoCon warhawks who led the world to believe that Iraq needed to be invaded. Also the media need to be reminded what happened to war propagandists at Nuremberg.


MEJanssen 28.09.2013 15:54

@ RockyFjord, agreed, there are many good journalists who do good investigative work. Too often they are marginalized in this country. On the bright side, the big news outfits see declining readership while the alternative news outlets gain. Those marginalized today will be household names tomorrow. But not if they work for dinosaurs like McCain.


Commander 28.09.2013 15:00

This young, inexperienced, untrustworthy, neocon analyst will fit in well with the arrogant, aggressive, and psychopathic staff members at the McCain offices.

Th is seems like a good fit to me!


groingo 28.09.2013 13:50

She'll fit perfect with Warmonger McSame, two LIARS in a American!


paul 28.09.2013 13:20

What a shock that a deranged warmonger like Elizabeth O'Bagy lied about her academic credentials! If she can peddle such fantastic deluded propaganda that the majority of so-called Syrian rebels are democracy loving moderates then lying to a neo-con reactionary Washington think-tank about her qualifications would be second nature. It would be interesting to know which "rebel commanders" she met with: the organ-eating brigade or the false-flag chemical weapon provocateurs, knowing her it was probably both as she seems at home with the dregs of humanity like McCain.

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