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States secretly sterilized thousands

23.06.2011 17:29

After getting married at age 18, Elaine Riddick desperately tried to start her own family. It wasn’t until she was in her 50s, however, that the North Carolina woman found out that doctors sterilized her when she was a teenager.

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Danny Brown 19.06.2013 03:49

What this article does not mention is that reversible "tubal ligation" has been developed- not 100% safe and reliable, but getting there. One design involves a gold "valve" which can be switched off and on with a very small probe,
under local anasthetic.
I think that we should not be too quick to condemn sterilization as an option for forced population control. There are serious moral and ethical hurdles, obviously, but there may be millions of women who might choose a reversible, non-chemical contaception method over a life of child-bearing servitude.

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