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Ron Paul announces own media venture

09.07.2013 03:53

Former US congressman Ron Paul has announced the launch of a new media network this summer, adding that to a growing list of projects announced since his retirement, including an upcoming book on American education.

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Anonymous user 16.07.2013 11:34

Dr. Paul you're the best

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 03:47

Love the way Dr Paul follows the constitution ,iam listening @ looking forward to his radio show :)

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 19:57

I announces I will using Ron's own media period!! RP 2013!

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 15:08

EndTheFeds Ron Paul ROCKS!!!

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 03:33

I wish this channel was around when Dr. Paul was running for president in 2012...

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 02:28

you people believe all you hear or read? analyse info through your brain, ron p. loves capitalism

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 01:59

Ron Paul, thanks for sharing the truths.

Anonymous user 10.07.2013 01:00

Eff your buddy's mom. She's probably a ho.

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 23:18

Is it just me, or does everyone just want to give Ron Paul a hug?

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 22:49

To those of you who don't live in America. Try it sometime. We have no more control than you.

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