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Ron Paul to host daily radio program and podcast

14.02.2013 19:45

Just because he’s retired from politics doesn’t mean Ron Paul is slowing down: the former congressman from Texas and three-time presidential hopeful will soon have his own spot on national radio.

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Anonymous user 08.04.2013 19:18

Ron Paul is starting his own school HURRAY! When I have kids they'll be enrolled and learn truth!


Know Ur EnemY 18.03.2013 16:00

I only want to note that when individuals REPEAT the usual Ron Paul smearing silliness, there are many who defend him. Their defense isn't just an insults, which is slightly due because some refuse to stop being ignoramuses, but rather passionate responses backed by objective facts. So cheers to the individuals of the movement, the "intellectual awakening." For those ignoramuses reading this, its ok, you do have the right to limit your own cognitive ability. XOXO

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