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Ron Paul launches his own school

08.04.2013 16:06

Although Ron Paul has left Congress, he will likely remain an influential voice: the libertarian-leaning Texas Republican has launched his own homeschooling curriculum for students, which he hopes will be “revolutionary” in restoring limited government.

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Simon Tran 09.08.2013 15:28

I wonder if he'll continually incorporate ethics and morals into his curriculum. He would be grooming powerful people at that point, in conjunction with his libertarian/capitali stic teachings.

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 17:14

A pro-capitalism, free enterprise economics course is needed in America. Roanld E. Johnson


Sharon Tipton 14.04.2013 16:37

So will the history of the US be delved into? The genocide and enslavement? I wonder if Paul favors reparations? I

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 12:00

What a smart move. I support this 100%. Actual Education > Pathetic Indoctrination!

Anonymous user 13.04.2013 04:51

Best thing out there! Thank You!
There seem to be a lot of trolls on here.

Anonymous user 12.04.2013 21:25

WONDERFUL! OPP for Americans to get an education! gov schools have dumbed us down TOO long! GO Ron!

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 16:49

Paul Ryan and Ron Paul are not same person, you paid shill. Not even related.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 18:00

Thank you, Ron and team! Please continue!!!


Tina Ostrom 10.04.2013 16:26

People from everywhere have fled their countries for the Land of the Free. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the foundation for the free society that was so desirable. These same people have abused those freedoms to push their own religious beliefs, languages, and ideologies against the native Americans. Far too long we have stood by and allowed our freedoms to be changed and molded. If you don't believe in teaching your children about the truth and foundation of a free country, you need to go back to to your own country and quit trying to force your ideologies on the natural citizens of the United States.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 16:02

Paul Ryan is the President.


Thomas Walsh 10.04.2013 15:56

This is great news! For too long we have been Asleep In The Light.

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