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​Major computer security firm RSA took $10 mln from NSA to weaken encryption - report

20.12.2013 23:24

The National Security Agency arranged a clandestine US$10 million contract with computer security power RSA that allowed the spy agency to embed encryption software it could use to infiltrate the company’s widely used products, Reuters reported.

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bour3 24.12.2013 21:05

Can there be a more explicit example of the problems that arise when we allow government bo become way way way too big? Skip to the last paragraph, you see one side of government proclaiming what must be done while another part, a gigantic part of government does the exact opposite and corrupts a perfectly fine business in so doing. We're left with corrosion of distrust all around; for making the grand statement, for doing the opposite, and business for going along, for spending our money to carry this out and sell us your products, that turn out bogus. Bogus grand statement. Bogus national security. Bogus product.


James Michale Harris 23.12.2013 05:16

to mythinking the company has tcreated a major fraud advertising the key as safe knowing the state ment to be false to me along the same lines as the false bomb detectors no differant both sold on lies


LisaAgnes 23.12.2013 01:33

Where will American consumers go to insure that they are not doing business with someone who has 'sold out' in a way that will hurt the consumer later? I can see political reasons for hackers to have made this hack.


LisaAgnes 23.12.2013 01:31

Where will retailers and other merchants need to go to insure that they are getting products that have not been made deficient because the NSA demands that 'backdoors' be inserted into them?


LisaAgnes 23.12.2013 01:22

The hackers, in addition to funding themselves, may have been trying to make a point to corporate America about knowingly inserting defects into their products because the government of the USA has asked them to do so.


LisaAgnes 23.12.2013 01:20

Target is very, very good with data and seems to know it inside and out. They would not have made any stupid mistakes most likely. This may have been why they were 'targeted'... but if the encryption software they were using was by the nature of its design faulty in a way about which Target had not been fully informed, then there would not have been much that they could do about it.


LisaAgnes 23.12.2013 01:09

I wonder if the hack into Target point of sale systems was made via weakened cryptography software.


ACE 22.12.2013 02:59

When will we all wake up?


anonym020 21.12.2013 21:13

RSA Keys Snatched By Recording CPU Sounds with a Phone

bit.l y/195mSUe

T hey control every tech out there, and people still think they are free.


Ismail 21.12.2013 18:27

Infidel Atheist 21.12.2013 18:13

RSA Doubleplusgood


Ch ange byline page 1 to read, "RSA Honours Patriotic Duty to Support Goals of INGSOC."


Cyber Kendra 21.12.2013 16:39

This is really bad, Trust getting over


julian 21.12.2013 12:00

What tool can be used for unbreakable encryption? Random number generators have NSA backdoors, also this RSA devices ... etc. Is there anything what is secure for encrupting files, emails etc.?


mergon 21.12.2013 10:58

dual ellipic curve = a 1970s fax based computer system that was made in china but badged with a British name ,being fax based [no internet then] it sent the fax but also sent a clone fax to another number ,governments depts bought it ,banks and big business ,so not much has changed then !


Louis Vincent Agius 21.12.2013 10:27

The internet ,is two things ,a game of spying and a game of gossiping ,if you are good at it ,you can get away with murder ,Lokiby show us that .


orionnebulus 21.12.2013 08:55

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth ...
No one is flooding Africa with mass immigration and forced assimilation until there are no Black countries left
No one is flooding Asia with mass immigration and forced assimilation until there are no Asian countries left.
But ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are targeted for mass immigration and forced assimilation until there are no more White countries.
That' s genocide.


KOS 21.12.2013 08:13

Jimmie 21.12.2013 07:36

my co-worker's ex-wife makes <$72> an hour on the internet.


In ternet? More like the street.


Leon Majal 21.12.2013 07:49

What a shame for "security" company! Boycott RSA!


Iqbal Halani 21.12.2013 05:49

So Obama's big smile whilst shaking hands came from knowing the colour of the panties Angela Merkel was wearing that day!

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