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Live from DC! RT starts broadcasting from the US

Published time: July 01, 2010 03:18
Edited time: July 01, 2010 03:18

RT's Washington, DC bureau began live broadcasts on January 14. DC-based correspondent Cedric Moon talked with the many people who made it all happen and work hard everyday to bring you a new view on the news.

 After many months of hard work, RT's Washington, DC bureau began broadcasting live on Jan. 14.

"We have four half-hour lives we will launch on January 14. Less than a year ago, this was a bureau. And now, it's turning into a real-live newsroom," said output editor Irene Marin.

The DC studios feature the latest technology available for filming and producing newscasts.

"We have 2 different control rooms here, twelve different remote feeds coming in from different places…Multi-monitor displays… large displays. We have computer displays. It took a lot of guys a lot of time to get all the wires in. And we're still testing them out at this point," Bulla said.

In addition to four half-hour news broadcasts, the DC studio is the home of The Alyona Show, a news and talk program hosted by Alyona Minkovsky. The show had been airing a half-hour taped version, but as of January 14, the show will be broadcast live at 6pm, EST.

The DC broadcast had been a long-standing dream for the RT leadership team.

"I think we had this idea from the very beginning," said senior producer Mindia Gavasheli. "We had a very vague understanding of what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. 'Can we do it in a different way? That's the main question.'"

Now, the editorial and production team in DC hopes to add a new perspective to the media spectrum.


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