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Doctors unsure what's behind dramatic increase in birth defects in rural Washington

17.02.2014 17:21

As state and federal officials document the alarming rise of deadly birth defects in rural Washington, health experts are at a loss when it comes to pinpointing the source of the problem.

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Andrew Stockman 12.03.2014 14:03

Galmukovff 18.02.2014 21:27

Easy Answer. FACTUALLY, Nuke Waste that is not contained, can in fact wreak havoc on health but not cause of this particular malady.
Again... People make un-educated guesses and then you look like a fool.
You should seek to fully understand an issue, edcuate your self on it in an "unbiased" way. (I know that last part will be difficult for most of you)


Uneducated? Anencephaly=neural tube disorder. NTD's linked to radiation/toxic waste, ag chems, and ddt. Literally dozens and dozens of peer reviewed articles. Its called google, try it. Causes of ntd's.


Mishka Aumakua 05.03.2014 06:45

It should be blatantly obvious to everyone that this horror is an effect of radiation from Fukushima.


Marc Letourneau 03.03.2014 05:01

Galmukovff 18.02.2014 21:40

It is sickening. The more I read comments here at RTV, the more I am convinced that mankind is doomed by the ever increasing number of the un-educated drones who buy into all of this Socialist B.S


Socialist B.S? You just announce the color of your bias (or BS)! I guess you are more comfortable with the Capitalist B.S. But at least looking at both can help finding what is going on. The fact of the matter is none of them is good enough. Corruption is infecting both. We need the most brilliant independent scientists to lead the world.


Chris S 01.03.2014 06:19

They give their decision three weeks ago, it was Pesticides.


Tyrant 18.02.2014 21:06

Brandon Woodard 18.02.2014 12:01

Well its can't be GMO's, Vaccines, Flouride, or chemicals like E290 ( found in sodas ), or DHMO. Or those yellow dyes put into drinks and foods. Also not from proccessed foods or refine sugars or flours. I am pretty sure its terrorist! :)


It's only terrorism if you don't give the government its cut.


Kristi Moffet-Knudson 18.02.2014 20:20

All are high drug use areas, wonder if that plays a part in any of the cases


Kraven Skookumchuck 18.02.2014 18:06

those 3 counties are all in surrounding the Hanford radioactive waste facility, i dont see how noones thought that might be a contributing factor.


Dave English 18.02.2014 14:07

Wow Americans are so naive, this one is simple (even for you). " It’s the lack of information that still haunts Andrea Jackman, who said she lived near a pesticide-laden apple orchard and drank well water in the couple years before her surprise pregnancy". DDT?


Brandon Woodard 18.02.2014 12:01

Well its can't be GMO's, Vaccines, Flouride, or chemicals like E290 ( found in sodas ), or DHMO. Or those yellow dyes put into drinks and foods. Also not from proccessed foods or refine sugars or flours. I am pretty sure its terrorist! :)


sandra 18.02.2014 11:12

Usually it is an environmental factor. Possibly those vaccines. The contaminated fish, water, or air. There is an explanation for these birth defects in this particular areal. Open your eyes and look to see and you will find out. Guessing won't work. Testing will. Or may be just play stupid and go on with life wondering what could have caused little Jimmy to have eight fingers on each hand and he is sterile too. If you can't get motivated to research this issue, don't have children. Some of us have imaginations along with common sense. I don't know about you but I want all the facts.


truthseeker 18.02.2014 07:46

Um it's called foreign policy karma


Vincenzo La Chimera 18.02.2014 07:11

Daniel Savage 18.02.2014 04:07

More Russia Today BS. I've lived in rural Washington State most of my adult life. I've worked in trauma centers as a health care provider for more than 40 years and have never heard of such statistics mentioned in the story. Your journalism is comparable to the National Inquirer. You are way off the mark. Someday, if I ever get a parakeet, I'll get a paper subscription to RT.


Th is story was lifted almost verbatim of ABC News article on same story and four times national average statistic was also cited. Just google 'birth defects rural Washington'


Melvin Bryant 18.02.2014 06:08

Government is probably doing illegal research on US citizens again... Like mkultra the Tuskegee experiments the low does slow radiation poisoning from the Manhattan project to study radiation effects or the countless other inhuman trazisties that get covered up or outright erased from our history books


Gerry 18.02.2014 05:34

What's wrong? Fukushima spewing radio-active contamination for three years, carried towards Western USA by Easterly winds and ocean currents. That is what is wrong and causing birth defects ... like depleted uranium US weapons are causing birth defects in Iraq. No mystery in either case, only government cover-up.


Sarah Morrigan 18.02.2014 05:33

Radiation leak from Hanford?


Dana Lee Blackwell 18.02.2014 05:33

There have been ongoing reports of raising radiation readings in Washington state, along with other states in the west. The unborn are the most vulnerable to this.


Cold Reality News 18.02.2014 04:13

Just Eugenics Accelerated


OhthatChar 18.02.2014 04:11

Chris Switzer 18.02.2014 03:05

Chemicals. And wrong side of the country idi ots. Japan's no where near DC. There's tonnes of different chemical plants that probably been dumping in the area illegally. Stuff happens all over the world illegal bad country dumping of bad bad chemicals. It's a no brainer


you idiot. DC is nowhere near Benton County Washington. yeesh!


Hilary Dawn Herron 18.02.2014 04:09

[quote name='Curtis Wendt' time='18.02.2014 04:07']Fukushima[/qu ote]

A blind man can see that!

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