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US sources claim China and Russia got access to Snowden's computers

27.06.2013 15:06

United States officials believe that classified intelligence taken out of the country by NSA leaker Edward Snowden has been compromised by agencies in Russia and China.

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Anonymous user 17.07.2013 22:58

Who cares? The triple alliance is has shared objectives. If the evil EU had access it would be bad.


Aref Farook 03.07.2013 13:48

Snowden is right in the divulgence of information that could have otherwise compromised the lives/livelihoods of many many millions of people around the globe... humanity and righteousness must come ahead of nations and nationhood especially that some are blatantly imperial and boisterous...

Anonymous user 03.07.2013 10:40

Snowden might have double crossed the plan for humanity's sake; s'why former employers are so angry

Anonymous user 03.07.2013 10:31

about that; um US sources aint so credible these days


Mike Littlefield 03.07.2013 02:19

Why shouldn't they get it - it was probably theirs in the first place.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 05:09

They are only saying this as a PR smear.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 05:08

He is too high profile to capture and torture, and I doubt he could be paid off at this point.

Anonymous user 02.07.2013 05:08

all those files are probably encrypted I doubt they got anything unless he gave it them.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 17:16

NSA spied on US citizens, Russia, EU, UK China Israel & the whole wide world. That's how Evil US is

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 15:42

Someone publish it all....We want to know who is running this tyranny..

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 06:06

All Roads Lead to..

secret space program... all you techi geniss .. look it up

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 05:51

I don't know about the Russians, but I know for a fact 'my' U.S. Government has ALL my data.


Mark Mitchelson 29.06.2013 04:25


Anonymous user 29.06.2013 04:12

If the US shares intelligence with UK, Canada, Aust NZ why cant Russia share it with its ally China?

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 17:29

Nuclear War!!!!!! When was numbnuts Obama going to tell us. We all know the answer don't we.

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 16:47

Wow! Nuclear war plan! Great! Nice to know what the corporatist fascist state is up to! Crush Infamy

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 14:49

nuclear war plans crreated ?

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 14:33

Bible, That which is hidden in the dark will be shouted on rooftops. NSA not so intelligent...

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