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The FBI is inside Anonymous: Hacker Sabu has sentencing delayed again for helping the feds

26.02.2013 14:00

The former LulzSec hacker that turned in his colleagues to the FBI will forego sentencing for another six months while he continues to assist the government in catching supposed computer criminals.

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Ronaldinho Gaucho 28.08.2013 01:30

This is not Sabu. This is an unlucky individual who happens to have the same real name, Sabu is a little white kid

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 02:23

hi, i am still waiting on my pizza. looks like there will be not tip tonight. some free pepsi?

Anonymous user 21.05.2013 12:58

I am Anonymous. You are Anonymous. We are many. We are Legion. We are people. We are...Anonymous.

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