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Seattle police plan to deploy spy drones

26.10.2012 19:17

The rainy skies of Seattle are likely to soon be a whole lot drearier. The FAA has approved the local police department to start using surveillance drones for law enforcement, but protesters are making it clear that they're willing to put up a fight.

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mergon 05.07.2014 14:48

Part of the American governments plan to control the public when the day comes , in the meantime the drones can earn their keep with a software program that scans the vehicles on the roads to check on their tax insurance and mot status ,and if any of the components are missing it can auto alert the police to pull it in and issue an automatic fine at the same time .
It can also scan for stolen vehicles and or vehicles that have outstanding fines and or warrants !
And you thought A person of interest was fiction !

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