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Obama 'Change' poster artist infuriates gun advocates with his new work

29.03.2013 15:39

Graphic designer and street artist Shepard Fairey has released a new print associating gun owners with Satan. Claiming to be inspired by recent massacres, he created the image to pressure politicians into tightening gun control legislation.

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Anonymous user 26.04.2013 12:45

You sound as bigoted and stupid as Todd Akin when he talks about abortion.

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 19:55

Sorry Shepard...your just an artist and only an artist no more no less....

Anonymous user 02.04.2013 04:31

Thank You Shepard Fairey for taking a compassionate and intelligent stand against the gun lobby

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 21:23

looks capitalized to me

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 20:46

Interesting that Mr. Fairey capitalizes "Satan", but not God ("god")!

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 18:27

Get it straight. Second amendment is not about hunting, it's about protection from our government.

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 14:16

i guess he didnt even mention the number of people die everyday not related to guns.if compare to MS

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 09:47

It is guaranteed that Mr. Farisee isn't against usury-corrupted governments having all the weapons!

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 07:12

I guess I forgot to be "infuriated&quo t;.

Anonymous user 01.04.2013 01:04

this is the same guy who told us to put our "Hope" in Obama.... let's not listen any more...

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 21:36

A good statisic to include would have been; how many law-abiding citizens are committing the crimes.

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 21:32

Fairey have you read the bible? The good people have the same weapons as the evil people.

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