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Chicago sinkhole swallows 3 cars as Illinois gov. declares emergency over flooding (PHOTOS)

18.04.2013 12:59

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has called a state of emergency after widespread flooding hit the northern part of the state. More heavy storms are expected. Earlier Thursday, a sinkhole swallowed three cars in Chicago, injuring one person.

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Anonymous user 24.04.2013 15:32

If politicians spent tax dollars as they should then the hole would not exist.

Anonymous user 23.04.2013 01:49

Plz undrstnd geo-engineering weather modification google who owns climate change agenda 21

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 11:08

Flooding caused by climate change, sinkholes caused by hydrofracking. USA must leave oil behind now!

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 11:07

the flooding & the sinkhole both caused by fossil fuel dependency. usa must cut out the oil fatcats.

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 10:58

Sinkholes all around.. gee.. couldnt be the FRAKING all over the Madrid Faultline right? pfft

Anonymous user 22.04.2013 05:08

Welcome to the american nightmare. What a laugh how dumb americunts think anyone jealous of USA :)

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 15:46

sinkholes happen at area where previously it was mining area.

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 12:33

Planet X, aka Nibiru causing Earth changes

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 07:39

No surprise. US infrastructure got a D+ in annual report. Need to be told where the money goes !?

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 06:38

news is news, low or not, right to know


Kevin S Burkhard 21.04.2013 04:01

It's all coming crumbling to the ground or rather now into the ground as some cases are showing.


Louis Lalonde 21.04.2013 00:35

This is bugging me. Why are medias reporting sink holes now all the time? From China, the US, Russia, etc, suddenly sink holes are appearing and are a major problem. Either this problem didn't exist before (which I doubt) or it's just a temporary fad. And why is RT bothering with this kind of low level reporting?

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