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Obama administration charges NSA whistleblower Snowden with espionage

21.06.2013 22:15

US federal prosecutors have charged whistleblower Edward Snowden with espionage, theft and conversion of government property in a criminal complaint, and asked Hong Kong to detain him ahead of a move to extradite him.

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Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:46

Espionage is a charge aplicable to spies given information, data, etc to other govt. Not in his case

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:45

9/11 was created to be a catalytic event. It is. If Snowden fails to explain he is fake.


Rhia R. Drouillard 21.06.2013 22:39

Let that boy go and go after the criminals, not the whistle blower.

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:37

If it was the case he would´ve stay in China or head for Russia but Iceland. Spy what there?

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:35

If this happens the American people must revolt and overthrow the United States government.


Kaela Creighton 21.06.2013 22:34

22:32, yet you come back here.

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:33

Hong Kong needs to stop this from happening or the US Citizens do. Ed deserves a medal not death.


Kaela Creighton 21.06.2013 22:32

22:29, I wondered if I did too. That's not my fantasy though. They made me a shooka then used me to deliver a message.

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:32

The only concept in american reality to kill others - the level of depravity leaves one breathless.

Anonymous user 21.06.2013 22:31

If any normal Americans don't see themselves as next on the 1% execution seat let them know it now!

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