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Obama administration charges NSA whistleblower Snowden with espionage

21.06.2013 22:15

US federal prosecutors have charged whistleblower Edward Snowden with espionage, theft and conversion of government property in a criminal complaint, and asked Hong Kong to detain him ahead of a move to extradite him.

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Anonymous user 22.06.2013 20:00

Snowden only has GED sub high school degree. Guy is no legal expert in HK China law and USA law.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:58

Snowden is crazy and delusional about technicalities of HK China law and USA law.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:55

No big deal for HK China police. Just arrest punk common criminal by standard procedure.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:53

I have the greatest respect for what Edward Snowden has done and will support him where I can! xo

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:53

In the U.S. and many European countries Telling the Truth has become a Crime.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:53

USA tells HK China - What will you do - turn little punk thief into glory Dali Lama spy?

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:49

USA tells HK China - What are you going to do with this little punk thief and blabber mouth?

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:47

USA tells HK China police - he is no glory spy just your common criminal thief who talks to much.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:45

By not charging espionage USA Justice makes HK China decision much easier.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 19:43

HK police will decide on 3 lessor non espionage charges that are theft charges.

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