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Ex-NSA chief equates hacktivists who defend Snowden to terrorists

07.08.2013 12:34

Michael Hayden, the former head of CIA and NSA, hypothesized that a massive hacker attack on the US was possible from "sex-starved" activists like Anonymous in retaliation for any future prosecution of whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Colleen Winthrop 08.08.2013 14:38

Michael Hayden is a member of the board of directors of The Jamestown Foundation and is therefore himself a terrorist or at the very least a supporter of terrorists. His wet dreams involve Russians being murdered by jihadists. A total psycho and nutjob.

So, if he (along with other psychos like John McCain, John Bolton, David Satter, and Michael Bogm) is on the opposite side of Russia on the Snowden issue it must be that Russia is doing the right thing.


Brian Madigan 08.08.2013 13:36

My initial response is to stoop to infantile behavior and ask if that old man knows how to use a computer, but it doesn't matter. The fact is, he and the practices he was responsible for (and that continue today) are under attack, not the United States. The hactivists are standing up for a man who stood up for the PEOPLE at the expense of these cave men who think they have carte blanche to choose what parts of the Constitution they want to abide by. I am a US Citizen and I am disgusted by what is going on and I am not the only one. We have movements gaining momentum on righting the wrongs in this nation.


gerard murphy 08.08.2013 12:38

Until the USA condemns Israel and Saudi Arabia,one for their bellicosity towards their neighbours and the other for their despotism,no other nation will ever trust them.The only reason nations have any truct with them is because they can purchase unlimited military hardware coupled by the fear of economic sanctions.Surely it is up to every citizen on planet earth to decide who is or isn't a terrorist and not decided by Whitehouse hawks.


gerard murphy 08.08.2013 12:29

until USA condemns Israel and Saudi Arabia,they are not only in league with terrorists and propagating a despotic regime,no country will ever trust them.The only reason any country trades with them is because they can purchase unlimited military hardware and because they are frightened of economic sanctions.They should rename themselves the United States of hypocracy.


MrEthiopian 08.08.2013 05:48

I Question Mr. Hayden's unprofessional comments and lack of basic understanding who anon is , suggesting that anon is "six-starved&qu ot; or made up of a group of 20 year old's shows he did not do his homework prior to his speech. A simple search of (.mil hacked) shows a plethora of current hacked mil sites, again this shows that Mr. Hayden either has no idea what he is talking about or that he like many technical governmental employee's lets his arrogance get in the way of doing his job.



MrEthiopian 08.08.2013 05:27

Are my comments being recorded on a NSA computer? All signs point to yes, even though I'm an honest US tax payer that hasn't even got a speeding ticket in the last ten years. I don't take issue protections from terrorism, I take issue with the way its being done. I question the overall legality of the entire system and think its time for the US government to come clean. Mr. Snowden will continue to release more documents detailing what this program is doing, and based on past history and current questionable information concerning how said data is being used, monitored and audited, I question who is the terrorist?


Bruce Fisher 08.08.2013 01:59

Hayden: Go pound sand! Fuctard.


mijj 08.08.2013 01:37

obviously, anyone who puts People's rights before the Mafia Government is a "terrorist" ; as far as the Mafia is concerned.

But, to the People .. the victims of the Mafia Government, it's the Mafia Government that's the terrorist.


K K Singh 07.08.2013 17:52

What a dim witted man? Calling Snowden's supporter s&x starved men and cursing them like old woman who has lost all her power to act!!
"If and when our government grabs Edward Snowden and brings him back here to the United States for trial, what does this group do?" -- He cant visualise that his country cant remain super power forever specially at this juncture where it has become enemy of its own citizens to help usurp higher rate of profit for Corporations!!


Helical 07.08.2013 16:25

Ex-NSA chief equates hacktivists who defend Snowden to terrorists.

These people are not following your agenda and the rest of the world agrees with them.

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