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Snowden reveals US intelligence’s black budget: $52.6 billion on secret programs

29.08.2013 18:15

Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has leaked a new top-secret document that for the first time ever publically discloses how the United States spends tens of billions of dollars annually on clandestine spy programs.

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Timothy Scrivnor 01.03.2014 20:30

Clapper has been accused of perjury for telling a Congressional committee in March 2013, that the NSA does not collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.


Jason Vega 19.01.2014 04:13

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

google "khazarian conspiracy"


mergon 17.01.2014 10:34

There are a lot of survey,s out there how about one from the people on how they feel about their every communication being spied on ?

And what of the cost ? an entire country put into a debt that it can never ever pay back ?
Just so the government can gather socio, economic information ,just what percentage of this massive machine actually tracks down the bad guys ?
We know there are to many people on the planet chasing to few resources but is this the way to do it ?
In Germany in the 30s they had a bloke who went down the same route ! and look what happened there!


John Sinclair 08.12.2013 15:03

We need raw information being exposed to bring the US to its senses not window dressing material from Snowden that harms no-one, hail rather than snow. Do you think the US would be so careful with other people's information? Of course not. We all know you can't bake a cake without breaking lots of eggs, as the yanks have spent 60 years teaching us. Now it is our turn.


winston smith 06.12.2013 22:54

All based on the lies of 9/11.


Hans Björkman 07.09.2013 08:35

150 USD per USA citizen is used to listen on them and us by the US government.


john galt 01.09.2013 21:35

Does anybody want to take bets on where the funding for these black budgets comes from? Odds are favorable that its coming from the trafficking of opiates by the CIA into this country. Its happened before. I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. We already have American soldiers guarding poppy fields and helping the locals grow it. Why not just go ahead and help them move it?


Danijel Drnic 31.08.2013 08:10

p.s. now we need more, few from China, south America, Africa, more, much more from Europe (like they don't have some whistlers), Russia ofc... so let's see what this planet Earth can sustain as real people power up against stupidity of old system.


Danijel Drnic 31.08.2013 08:03

O this is totally awesome ! Too bad for people think this is actually somethings wrong. I wish my country has this simple state of incorporating complicated thesis into governing of country and still the eye on hot problems today. This should be public next time and they has no reason for shame about what happened so that the people may think this is wrong. This can do as perfect example to next generations who things should look a like. Illegal funds !! C'mon this may be interpreted as this but this is evil interpretation and juvenile. US is not someones colony nor it shall act like one. God bless America.


K K Singh 30.08.2013 16:41

Bloody Obama, the human blood sucker, managed Nobel Peace Prize!!
Can there be worse abortion of human rights than this?


Anthony David 30.08.2013 16:41

52.6 Billion dollars would feed/shelter and provide the essential services of every human being on the planet.

Why are the essential services denied to the peoples of the earth and spheres of life?

Why do the peoples of the earth work so hard to enjoy the frail weak dieing years of life?

Why is it the free peoples support war crimes?

How is it that one budget from one country for on sector of defense can feed everyone?

S o why are we working so hard?
To live free when we don't have the capacities to utilize anymore?

Qu estion More: freedom is coming


Benjamin 30.08.2013 15:31

New Age Spy vs Spy


Frank 30.08.2013 15:29

Clapper is a known liar, don't take anything he says as truth. He does make a good poster boy for one of the most evil organizations to ever inhabit the planet.


Peter 30.08.2013 10:59

As well as the so-called Black budget, it is well known that part of the huge NASA budget is redirected towards the Intelligence community, plus whatever else we don't know about!


Henry Lawson 30.08.2013 09:54

nothing new about Black budget of US...sent him back to US....that insane guy......have to find out ....???????????
..some day he have to quite one know .


Nicolas Jesus Morales Liaz 30.08.2013 09:04

that's how they get the money to pay "al quaeda"

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