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Latest Snowden leak details NSA’s involvement in lethal drone strikes

17.10.2013 03:10

The National Security Agency provided the Central Intelligence Agency with crucial information on an associate of Osama bin Laden, who was killed days later by a US drone strike, according to a report based on documents provided by Edward Snowden.

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Torsten Loebert 18.10.2013 02:47

"The Post did withhold information at the request of US officials who said that full disclosure could hurt national security." ... Is the Guardian under the control of the US Government now? And if so, since when?


jeff strehlow 17.10.2013 15:56

Kermit Frazier 17.10.2013 15:12

@jeff strehlow - re: reflective insulation

tin foil hats at walmart - 78¢ always!


Maybe you didn't understand what I was getting at. Reflective insulation blocks IR radiation. The drones would have a hard time seeing through the roof of a house that is built using reflective insulation in the attic area. With more drones being used for surveillance, I imagine that many people will insulate their attic for increased privacy.

Kermit Frazier 17.10.2013 15:12

Ingvar Persson



groingo 17.10.2013 14:40

Interesting choice of words these "protect the nation and its interests from threats such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”
Being that the US is the #1 TERRORIST organization providing WMD's, arms and full support to the supposed enemy of the state itself.


jeff strehlow 17.10.2013 14:21

Ingvar Persson 17.10.2013 11:39

I also want to read about possible countermeasures against drones and monitoring of cell phones. For example to buy anonymous cell phones and how to design city architecture to hide people and vehicles from drones.


Drone cameras work through IR radiation. This might be a good time to buy stock in companies that produce reflective insulation.


Chris Creamer 17.10.2013 13:12

Mark Roman 17.10.2013 12:38

This story does not mention Glenn Greenwald. I wonder why.

Looks like somebody at RT has access to Snowden and the stolen files.


It may be a copycat leak who wants to divert the blame to Snowden.


Jerry Mlinarevic 17.10.2013 10:24

Alert! Romanov Global Mind Control is REAL. Mediated via cell phone towers where 'scalar' pulses r generated to impact victim's flouride coated bones. Dream trauma/paralysis is a process of creating alter id and hypnosis. Daytime subliminal suggestion manipulation is pervasive and undetectable. Inner ear implant on cochlear is used to relay sub-vocal thought. And much more. The world that you know is largely manipulated. Know yourself.


Pokolra veluk 17.10.2013 09:08

It´s now becoming clear that both Snowden and Wikileaks is unwilling to reveal the real truth about bin Laden and 9/11. They are a very clever "Mossad" (global intel) operation.


Daniel Qualkinbush 17.10.2013 05:14

Seems they are doing their best to either take out, or indefinitely detain, anyone who might have eyewitness infomation regarding the actual events which occurred on 9/11


james 17.10.2013 05:09

"US officials who said that full disclosure could hurt national security."

why don't they just come out and say, "we're running a gulag and anything anyone says could hurt national security"? at least that way they would drop the pretense of being a country where freedom is embraced and own up to how they have become a nation that embraces fear instead.. "must listen in on everything".. does that remind anyone in the western world of the way another country was described growing up in the 50's?

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