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NSA whistleblower supported Ron Paul’s presidential run

10.06.2013 14:22

As news continues to surface about classified NSA documents leaked last week, the man who blew the whistle on the secret spy program is quickly becoming the center of attention.

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RonS 06.03.2014 05:40

God bless Ron Paul and Snowden!!!

Anonymous user 24.07.2013 05:48

Ron Paul is honest and does not lobby. Honest politicians are rare these days.

Anonymous user 18.06.2013 05:06

The point is both Paul and Snowden supports the USConstitution--so what's the purpose of the title?!

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 11:48

I also supported Ron Paul..and stil do. Will write in his name the next presidential ellection

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 20:27

I also supported Ron Paul in every way I could.
Millions of Americians did

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 04:19

To save the real America the people must pull the plug on Jew media.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 14:49

Obama seen to it that vote counting not even done in America anymore. He sold it.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 13:32

by their own gov to pay the national debt. by then it will be too late. we are slaves now. stupid pl

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 13:31

maybe they will see it in a different way when there bank accounts are emptied ....

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 13:30

Discussed man in America? Do people realize what there gov is doing to them?

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