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White House: Russia shouldn't provide Snowden with 'propaganda platform'

12.07.2013 17:10

The White House said Friday that Russia granting political asylum to Edward Snowden would be on par with providing the National Security Agency leaker with a “propaganda platform” to further harm the United States.

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Anonymous user 28.07.2013 20:53

The US and UK are propaganda states. PR was founded there. They have the recipe for "yellow cake!"

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 23:57

When is Carney's high school internship over?

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 14:07

Carney is slimy little wimp. Hopefully no firm will hire him after his stint as odumbos paid liar.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 12:45

Yes, of course. Carney is an acknowledged expert on propaganda. He has made a career of it.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 04:06

The white house is complaining about somebody issuing propaganda. That is truly hysterical.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 01:12

Obama, Holder and his minions are the traitors. May they be judged as such.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 01:07

I'm hoping Snowden leaks that vote fraud put Obama in office.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 01:05

The WH has zero credibility. It has the largest propaganda machine of any country in the world.


Duane 26.07.2013 23:23

Sounds like Russia won't allow Commie-leon Obama a propaganda platform inside Russia. The real question is, why does America allow Commie-leon Obama a propaganda platform of lies, deceptions, and flip flops under oath in America for 5 1/2 years?

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 20:23

Snowden is the 21st century Paul Revere

Anonymous user 26.07.2013 16:11

Russia shouldn't provide Snowden with 'propaganda platform' and neither should the White House.

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 12:20

History will tell who is Snowden-the herow or not/Russian secret services already know all fakts

Anonymous user 21.07.2013 00:01

the real treat to the americans is the wh with those gestap and ugly niger in charge. clmall


Reinhard Sokol 19.07.2013 20:50

Really? The White House complains about spin and propaganda? That would be almost funny!

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 10:28

The White House shouldn't have the delusion that anyone cares about their crappy double standards

Anonymous user 18.07.2013 23:09

The USA government shouldn't drone bomb babies and families. There fixed 4 ya!

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