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‘I already won’: Snowden is helping the NSA though it brands him a traitor

23.12.2013 22:11

Edward Snowden has said he feels satisfied and a winner despite the espionage charges confronting him. Denying claims he is a traitor, Snowden said he is working to improve the NSA, something that US spy chiefs do not realize.

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Milan Bilek 29.12.2013 15:16

My guess is that eventual terrorist-groups, do not use cellphones or email as preferred way of comunicating with each other! Because after all, the knowledge taht cellphones and email can be traced quite easily has been known for a while! It is only the massive scale of the collecting of metadata, and that even allied states leaders and miltary top's was subjected to it too! That made it such a scandalous behaviour!


Alan 26.12.2013 21:03

What Snowden is saying is that he is a patriot and the NSA has traitors within who need to be exposed. The leaked documents reveal that most eavesdropping was used against high level leaders and influential people in global politics,banking and military not terrorists. There is little evidence of a concentrated effort of spying on terrorist suspects inspite of what Washington would have the world believe. Cabal stooges like McCain and Kerry keep repeating the same "terrorist" ; nonsense over and over and until the boobtubers actually believe it. Talk about stupid !


Milan Bilek 26.12.2013 20:19

@ABDELKADER, You are so right here, and if that does'nt add another scary dimension to the spygame, I don't know what does? And they recruit 13'teen year olds, and give them the most advanced technology! The worst propagandists from the Cold War version of the Soviet Union, could'nt have come up with something havf as serious as this! Everybody is spying, with high tech gear, on everybody! What a paranoid and crazy society that are emerging before our very eyes!


Milan Bilek 26.12.2013 20:08

Why are people that ask questions to a man like Mr. E.Snowden, getting negatives, inhis former line of work, I'll guess he are used to beeing asked allkinds of questions! But when it comes to the theme of people deciding what kind of government (they all have secret service agencies anyway,) Thats my view! And when and how can the US voters expect to get a chance to elect politicians that will give the ordinary people the right to decide how these services shall work! Because inthat society, there can not be secrets at all, when everybody knows all about their businesses!


Jonathan Siebott 26.12.2013 17:08

After reading some comments essentially arguing to accept the surveillance activities of the NSA simply because "ALL countries spy on each other," I find myself wondering if a person having such a viewpoint is capable of explaining why the Bill of Rights was ever put to vellum.

I wish to point out that it is the nature of governments to offend the freedoms of those governed as explicitly expressed in the Declaration of Independence . When such offenses become routine in a nation where great pains to assure personal liberty prevail upon its founding, then this is no "molehill." ;


ABDELKADER 26.12.2013 15:26

Donna Marie 25.12.2013 17:21

Poor Snowden needs to grow up and put one and one together . ALL countries spy on each other . It was shock that our government went to such lengths to spy on its own people . Most people don't care anymore . NSA wont do anything more then cut back . Snowden is Russia's problem now . Hope Snowden doesn't wake up and find out Russia spies too .


We are making a mountain out of a molehill all because all those young childish geeks at NSA were having themselves a very good time being nosy parkers and Peeping Toms with their new toys and without supervision


Milan Bilek 25.12.2013 19:35

Dear Mr. Snowden! I must ask you, how and why you claim to help the puplic to decide about the NSA surveillance programme? When has the ordinary people been allowed to influence anything in that business, which is all covered up in secrecy? And did I har you right or not, when i think you said thatyou still work for them? And when A US newpaper employee are determing what's to be released and not! Well, I want all toturn out well for you, and hope that there will be some future released documents that will shed more light to this a bit scary and shady business like the NSA are doing?!


Donna Marie 25.12.2013 17:38

I feel bad for Snowden he is young and naïve to think all countries are not spying VIA the internet . When did Snowden ever say 9/11 was a inside job lol. The problem is that the government has not arrested or harassed anyone for what they said on the internet . They did catch a few hackers and terrorist . Is it worth the money ? I guess we are just keeping up with other countries . lol


Donna Marie 25.12.2013 17:30

Anonymous , I do think Snowden did have the courage to use his own name . Great thing about the US is that we can vote them out of office . It did make a America wake up and watch who we vote in . Yet NSA will continue and people got over it . Sept 11 was NOT a inside job . If it was Snowden would have exposed it . Boston Marathon wasn't a inside job either . It was a family that would rather sell drugs then get a education. Tamerlan was crazy and Jahar ruined his chance for a education and then decided he would play terrorist . Neither cared about religion. The US should have never butt in with the Chechens .


Donna Marie 25.12.2013 17:21

Poor Snowden needs to grow up and put one and one together . ALL countries spy on each other . It was shock that our government went to such lengths to spy on its own people . Most people don't care anymore . NSA wont do anything more then cut back . Snowden is Russia's problem now . Hope Snowden doesn't wake up and find out Russia spies too .


Anonymous Anon 25.12.2013 17:07

hundreds if not thousands of Americans who run that country are the real traitors. Killing their own citizens, covering it up then paying more millions with a fake inquiry. NIST. The level of corruption is 10 and the level of evil is also 10. Who are the REAL traitors >> 911 an inside job 100%


ABDELKADER 25.12.2013 15:07

me again 25.12.2013 02:01

Anyone that calls Snowden a traitor, is a traitor.


Treachery has become a national pastime and betrayal all the rage in America.


ABDELKADER 25.12.2013 15:05

The fact that Booz Allen Hamilton and NSA could not prevent a "mole" from pilfering sensitive material from right under their noses goes to show how useless and inefficient the intelligence agencies in the U.S. are. Americans must continue to "spy" to protect themselves from within and without. Politicians should be watched and also those in the Administration and the President himself if need be. Before WWII almost half the U.S. population and government were either pro Nazi or pro Soviet, Joseph Kennedy and Charles Lindbergh were traitors. Intelligence should be in public domain, no judicial nor government oversight


fran7 25.12.2013 07:50

NSA is a sore loser. Snowden has done great deeds of heroic nature in revealing the despicable PRISM which USA use to spy on everyone in the World under the ridiculous guise of security.
The KILLER DRONES the USA military use are a flagrant abuse of Foreign policy and as usual its innocent civilians' who lose their lives in the now distorted American dream which as become a nightmare to global civilizations.
M ilitary should only be used to protect own boarders and should not be spread over the World in a warmongering way.

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