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California students rally to kill school district’s unconstitutional social media policy

29.08.2013 01:37

High school students have helped bring about a repeal of a California district’s stifling new social media policy, which threatened to strip students of extracurricular activities for engaging in online activities, even in their free time.

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Michael 19.12.2013 23:09

If you can't deal with cyber bullying the Government's intervention cannot ever help you, because it is too late to change your "loser" mentality. The Government does not care a bit about teenage suicide, but it's own power over us all through censorship.


Lance Carlson 25.10.2013 20:10

There is something happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear... 1967 Buffalo Springfield


Freesaxon 29.08.2013 16:40

Social media sites are a waste of time, that said, this smacks of censorshi


kwick818 29.08.2013 13:35

i cant say id ever allow my kids to have an account on these websites. Nothing but trouble


Gracie Sweetie 29.08.2013 12:01

Totally unreasonable. They stated it was "policy" then changed it to "guideline" ; when it didn't work for "them"!

Sounds like the students won. Sounds like the school district admin has their heads up Nancy Reagan's Rear.

Does the school district not teach the constitution?


Tam Hunter 29.08.2013 05:39

land of the free, america is a joke to freedom of speech


Elektra Fox 29.08.2013 03:11

I actually don't think that this is totally unreasonable, especially if you are the person that the "demeaning" ; text is referring to. Cyberbulling is a huge problem, and social media takes it to a whole new level. If this policy is policed by reasonable people, I think that it should stay and hopefully a few more self-esteems will stay intact.

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