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Obama task force revives SOPA provision outlawing online streaming

07.08.2013 15:00

Sharing a song on YouTube could soon become a felony: the United State Department of Commerce is asking Congress to increase the penalties for streaming copyrighted work, reviving a provision from the failed Stop Online Piracy Act.

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Alexander Touchet 19.02.2014 00:04

It's the beginning of even stricter online censorship. Sadly, the govt. thinks it can do whatever it feels entitled to in this regard, and not enough people are noticing.


Rodney 10.12.2013 00:23

What is wrong with the mentality of these people,to even think of this, have they been breathing the air from too many fracking wells??
Pure insanity...They keep trying to find hidden ways that sound inocuous to stop us from passing info on the net to each other, that is what its really about !
cheating scared parasites.


Hank Watson 09.12.2013 19:34

So watch a music video on youtube and go to jail for a year or more? Land of the free indeed.


WorkTogether 15.11.2013 11:34

Don't just impeach, arrest the evil critter and bring him to justice. The US will be able to repay its complete debt within a year, if it charged for seats at the Super Bowl to attend Obama's extended multiple crimes court case!


Shensong 14.11.2013 20:22

I'm a longterm Indy voter, and in a moment of insanity in 2008, I voted for this man...I knew what I'd get with McCain, but it was Obama's stance on personal freedom, public health care (not obamacare), gitmo and the wars that made me, for the first time in 20 years, vote with my heart. MR. OBAMA, I WANT MY G88D88N VOTE BACK.

If Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would run as an Indy or if there was any decent Indy candidate in 2016, I promise you my vote and my money.


Ligaire Mouchard 14.11.2013 01:57

There are already laws addressing this type of crime. Why change the law to increase the penalty?
Problem: there are not enough resources to prosecute all of those who break this law.
Solution: make it so prosecution would ruin your life then make examples of people. Fear is a very efficient, and effective means of coercion after all… One problem. We have already defined a fair punishment for this crime. Granted, this is reaching - but if the arbitrary escalation of this punishment for the purposes of convenience constitutes an act of violence - would that make this effort an act of terrorism?


Ligaire Mouchard 14.11.2013 01:56

"Criminal reproduction and distribution" addresses profiting from the sale of pirated media. I doubt very seriously that Youtube would allow pirated copyrighted material to be sponsored by adverts and thereby profit from them. If that was a problem, we would be reading about that court case, and not this ACT. That tells me that this is largely a wasting congress' time that would better be spent on other issues.


Alex Semiletow 13.11.2013 21:43

Obama has betrayed all of us!


JR W 02.11.2013 14:51

You all reserve the 'right' to rob shoplift too, don't you?


Miron Arnold 20.08.2013 14:22

Hey, I stream the right way with youtube, or torch music, because I think it's the right thing to do, but this is still going in the wrong direction. A felony? Like murder? Or rape? Really?


Jerod Harvey 16.08.2013 02:53

the US needs to rebuild from the ground up


Jerod Harvey 16.08.2013 02:50

they will arrest those who they can get to but there are the people we know as hakers will get us through this problem this law won't stop any one like the gun laws won't stop murderers


Rabidsmurf01 09.08.2013 04:32

I swear, one day, they will learn that gaining money from war on what was just prohibited will be the end of them. Maybe stop being greedy and offer a service better than the pirates like Gabe did?


Donna Marie 08.08.2013 23:39

What they are trying to do is stop people from sharing information that is on Youtube . They don't care about the songs . What they want is to stop you from posting the information on FB and other boards . Guess we have to go back to printing the information out instead of a Youtube. Think about it though can they arrest everyone in America that shares the information ?


Andy Humphreys 08.08.2013 11:48

A felony? There are crimes that are way more deserving of that penalty than copyright piracy. Streaming is pretty much the weakest copyright infringement in existence. People don't even download it, it's streamed. Wow. Just another new law that turns innocent people into felons and criminals under this jackass and his orwellian policies.


Wolven Deahl 08.08.2013 10:21

I love that all these "peaceful protesters" are still trying to fight this battle peacefully. It's like bringing a pillow party to a gunfight.

"Si vis pacem, para bellum" - translated: "In order for peace, prepare for war."

The banker-elite families have hijacked the United States government system. This is why I refuse to go to any of these pussified peaceful protests. We're well beyond the point of solving things peacefully, and unless it strikes offensively close to my heart ... I can't attend such events. I'd be more likely to show up with molotov cocktails and guns blazing. So far ... nothing seems worth it.


Ryan Kinghorn 08.08.2013 08:38

How about you come up with a viable budget? Yeah, makes sense, lets waste time talking about whether or not that latest remix of Carly Rae Jepsen is a violation of law...we can ignore the chemical weapons, spying and big bank robberbarons. Glad priorities are in order.

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