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Radioactive leak found in reactor at S. Carolina nuclear plant, one of largest in US

11.11.2013 21:29

A reactor at one of the nation’s largest nuclear power plants has been taken offline due to a radioactive leak within a containment building.

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Atari2600 04.12.2013 19:44

Jon K. 13.11.2013 00:28

You receive more radiation exposure from the sun in a day than you do if you sit in a building right next to the reactor building.


Ha ha ha...yes, but that radiation doesn't make me sick the way nuclear power does. Go live next to a reactor Jon if you are so confident. I will take sun exposure over nuke exposure any day of the week. Hot particles and other unfiltered gamma radiation from nukes are dangerous and the average person does not have the means to escape them once they are loose in the environment. Conversely, if I want to escape the sun, I just go inside.


Atari2600 04.12.2013 19:22

Please google, "fukushima, scripps pier, UCSD".


Atari2600 04.12.2013 19:17

Nuclear is not safe. As for Gordon in Australia, you may not have nuke plants but you guys have uranium mines. research uranium mining and the devastating effect that has on local communities. Nuclear is not clean or safe. And it is expensive...6 billion to bring the latest plant online in S. Carolina and how much to decommission? In CA, Socal Edison was supposed to have an account set up to fund decommissioning (per NRC requirements) for San Onofre. They didn't. So now, rate payers are being charged extra in order to fund the decommissioning. Which is expected to cost in excess of $2 Billion. Cheap indeed!


Atari2600 04.12.2013 19:14

Actually Jon, there is proof that radiation from Fukushima hit the US, specifically the west coast. A UCSD study found radioactive sulfur at the Scripps pier in San Diego in 2011. An discovery that went virtually unreported. As for this leak, I love how it is downplayed with semantics, "less than one tenth of a gallon...per minute." Well, that is approximately 6 gallons an hour. Do me a favor, go get a five gallon bucket from Home Depot, put it on your kitchen counter and rig it to leak all over your floor within an hour and tell me that is insignificant.


cra 04.12.2013 16:01

Just now looked at post from the Acolyte dated 11/13/2013 It is absolutely correct. Because of the extremely long half life of nuclear radiation, the total radioactive radiation in the environment is the integral, or sum of the radiation realeased in all previous nuclear events; previous nuclear explosions, previous nuclear plant "accidents" ; eg. Chernobyl, Fukishima, South Carolina, etc, etc etc, use of depleted uranium in warfare, and so on. That is, nuclear energy use, nuclear warfare are suicidal when the global radiation levels are brought to sufficiently high levels. It seems we are getting there very fast.


Gordon Hervey 01.12.2013 06:43

Indeed John, I'm Australian and in the safest place with no nuclear industry at all. But we're sweating a bit about the prospect of 'guests' in the future..


Mike Lashewitz 16.11.2013 01:44

Nothing quite like taking a sinkng ship and saying it is good for another 20 years.
Not like it is a dangerous possibly Fukashima type situation. I mean it is only South Carolina one of the few states that is fighting the criminal Federal government and their daily attacks on America. Kind of like the NUKE that was planned for Charleston and then dumped 600 miles off the cpoast followed by two high ranking Nuclear officers being fired. Thanks Lindsay Graham.


Warren Holt 15.11.2013 21:45

There is no need to worry about this leak. Fear of what you do not understand is natural. I challenge all who are "anti-nuclear&q uot; to learn about how reactors work. The more you know the less afraid you will become.


John Vorel 14.11.2013 13:27

One more Fukushima type of nuclear accident ( in the western hemisphere) and the whole Northern Hemisphere on planet earth will be inhabitable.NO NUKES!!!!!!!!!!


Human Male 14.11.2013 03:56

So sad .


Abinico Warez 13.11.2013 23:28

How many more Fukushimas do we need before even the densest pro-nuc knucklehead understands that the worst oil spill is nothing compared to the damage even a small radioactive accident will have.


D F 13.11.2013 23:25

I guess its going to be the latest string of accidents since most reactors in the US were built on fault lines by accident.
A way of ridding (to be- future) revolutionists.


The Acolyte 13.11.2013 16:48

In my humble opinion it's not the individual effects of the world wide nuclear power plant accidents, but the cumulative effect of natural disasters and the world wide effect that would have and the accumulative devastation that would create. But I understand that if it's not in your back yard and it's "over there" you have no concern.


Phil Harvey 13.11.2013 14:00

Actually Jon, I've worked jobs dealing with highly toxic substances that could have easily killed me. I even believe nuclear power can be done safely as it does have serious merit for our energy needs, but our plants are aging. I've also worked very closely with folks who work in oil refineries. I know the seriousness that the hydrocarbon industry takes industrial safety. To not discuss a potential issue does not make it go away. To face it gives us the power to protect ourselves. Yes, this is a scary issue. There is a fear mongering aspect to it too, but to say it's safe to consume radionuclides is denial.


Jon K. 13.11.2013 13:02

All y'all are doing is trying to create mass panic. That is the only bad thing is y'all!!


Jon K. 13.11.2013 13:00

Phil Harvey,

I-1 31 also comes from natural gas production. I invite you to come work in the industry for a while to find out exactly how safe and efficient it is!!

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