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Boehner prepares to let the US default

07.10.2013 14:37

The top Republican in the House of Representatives warned President Barack Obama over the weekend that he’s ready to let the United States default — and that the White House is to blame.

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Jack Fowler 10.10.2013 12:36

Its just those eyes...... ...seems to reflect a lot of distance from his soul though not calling Obomer a saint!


Jimbo 10.10.2013 04:06

Hit the reset button!
Default the fraudulent system and start all over again.

All this talk about the seriousness of default is simply just fear mongering.


Sabido Robles 09.10.2013 13:11

It's the Jews stupid! Look behind the curtain and what you will see are evil, Satanic Jews. As usual! The Fed Chairman has always been a Jew and another one is being put in!

When the riots start, kill as many of the parasites as you can!


Peter Pan 09.10.2013 04:21

@Muhsin Ali
Emotionally you are right, but financially you are going to be surprised, especially if your country's central bank invested your pension funds in the American Real Estate or Derivative market. This is how these gangsters are going to bring down the entire world. But, if the world fallows the example of Iceland then things could be fixed very quickly.


Peter Pan 09.10.2013 04:15

This is all dog and pony show for weak-minded. In addition, he is not going to take the blame for collapsing the house of cards-he is just playing his role allocated to him by the masters behind the curtain.


FX ofTruth 09.10.2013 02:11

Bonehead is playing his part of caring about the budget a little too much. There is no "real" budget here to begin with. It's digital numbers on a digital spreadsheet. That's all it is!

This repeating soap opera is nothing but a rerun of the last 12 times they did this. The two parties (which is really only one) are pointing fingers as if this is a phony wrestling match. Bonehead says, "I'm going to let the whole World collapse on your head Obama!" Obama says, "Oh yeah! Well, I'm going to double dog dare you to do it, before I give you the smackdown!"

Time to change the channel....


Brad Eckert 09.10.2013 02:00

What's in a name? In this case, a lot. The US is really getting boned.


Nasi 08.10.2013 13:22

Go Default NOW !!!
I want a have some fun.


Suzanne Fritsch 08.10.2013 12:09

First people to NOT get paid should be congressmen.
All I know is someone is not going to get paid. Right now
it is women and children, not getting WIC and closing headstarts etc. Think of your own personal budget. Sometimes you have to move money and NOT pay some bills. So the question is who is it gonna be?


imaghostdude 08.10.2013 11:24

If the US is supposedly able to service it's debt, why does the debt ceiling need raising?


mark toth 08.10.2013 11:23

Hope that this country defaults,as it will finally put an end to useless big spending by this criminally insane government of ours,that lies,murders innocents,and spys on everyone!It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to take our country back from the tyrannical government that controls us today.We can do this ,but we need to reunite,and put this country back to its original form,that our countrys founders had created............. ..


mark toth 08.10.2013 11:13

We the people need to take our power back from
this criminally insane government!They lie,spy,and misuse our money for their twisted agendas!I do not care about the default!Hope it happens!


gary stewart 08.10.2013 10:38

The US should default. Its the best thing for that government but it will never happen.
It is a soap opera for the brainwashed masses.
Obama is Bush's 4th term.
Keep on voting for your 2 headed New World Order party human monkey race.


Geoff King 08.10.2013 09:53

It would be a good time for more Americans to learn how to speak Mandarin.


NSA 08.10.2013 08:26

neo cons in the Republican party should remember that most of the debt relates back to George.W Bush and bailing out the bank, Wall street (tarp), 2 wars and the George bush tax cuts.
The debt needs to be addressed, but its a bit much to single out Obama's administration for the whole debt problem, especially when Clinton left with a surplus.

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