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Star wasting syndrome: Deadly disease kills myriad starfish across US west coast

05.11.2013 12:06

A "spooky disease" causing starfish to lose their limbs and die in a matter of days in record numbers is raging along the US west coast. Scientists are struggling to determine the reach and source of the deadly syndrome known as ‘star wasting disease’.

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Greg Clyde 04.01.2014 20:56

The Fukushima disaster's full magnatude will not be realized for many generations to come, however evidence states that it is not likely what is killing the starfish. The spread of the disease is moving from the coast outward, whereas radaition is coming from Japan toward the coast.


Dave 27.12.2013 17:31

SE Alaska is my home,
What the starfish are doing, will we will soon all be doing,
Everybody in the North Pacific will be following those starfish.
Apparently radiation is not good for you!


DianeDi 06.11.2013 15:38

Even David Suzuki is warning the world:

Watch the YouTube video --- search this title:
*Suzuki - Schindler - Fukushima - UofA 2013 #UAwater*

October 30, 2013 (At 2:45 in): Fukushima is the most terrifying situation I can imagine.


DianeDi 06.11.2013 15:35

I have to agree with Malichi Daniels.

Mainstream media isn't talking much about the Fukushima ongoing disaster. How many folks are aware of the damaged and bent - spent fuel rods being moved on November 11th.
This has never been attempted before.


Marcel HeHe 06.11.2013 14:01

A must see and read for everyone, who want´s inform himself about to nuclear-killing of life in general, the killing of our great-grandchildren and the earth.

Goog le for quietly-into-disaste r


Flyin Divin Ryan 06.11.2013 12:19

Actually, it does appear to be a disease. I'm a diver in Vancouver, BC, and I have marine biologist friends that have been working on it since we first observed the phenomenon earlier this year. The local populations of pycnopodia had skyrocketed, and it's not unusual for disease epidemics to begin spreading when things get overcrowded. It's best not to jump to conclusions before you really have the empirical evidence before you.


Malichi Daniels 06.11.2013 07:36

Mysterious disease? It amazes me how controlled and completely censored information continues to be. The people writing this act as if we're all some narcotized 1950's house wife that needs to always be lied to. This is nothing less than the death of the Pacific Ocean due to the release of radio active water from Fukushima. The mad men who run this planet have finally succeeded in killing the planet. After trying for almost seventy years, they have finally hit the bullseye!


Edward J Hille 06.11.2013 05:06

I think mussels takeing over could be a good thing at least for a while. As they seam to clean alot of the trash we dump in the ocean. We might be gone soon but mother nature knows she doing.


justice007 06.11.2013 02:53

can you say "fukushima" ;???


Matt Gertsch 06.11.2013 02:07

brian 05.11.2013 17:46

Anyone seen greenpeace? It being the american coast , highly unlikely. The thugs are eying russia.


Starfish aren't as glamourous as whales and doplphins and baby seals.


Krystian Siek 06.11.2013 01:42

Uran eating starfish


Eduardo Garcia 06.11.2013 01:39

Radioactive waste


Omar Gro 05.11.2013 17:53

Everyday we are closer to the no return point, soon it will be to late. Is this the collapse of our civilization?
Je ws have shown us that greed has no limit they will censor and ban anything in order to keep making profit so while you play games in your iphone 5 fish is getting pollut with cesium try eating your phone now.
This are the last calls, human race will unite and solve the problems together or die together.
The only government where I see hope is in Russia please save us from the jew mafia.
Greetings from Mexico.


Agromnoy 05.11.2013 16:41

If it was a 'patogen' then they would have easily wound it. the Pacific is dying from the radiation from Japan.


Dennis Peter 05.11.2013 15:56

Radiation from FUKUSHIMA.......The entire West coast is Radioactive !!


Dennis Peter 05.11.2013 15:54

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HikinAZ 05.11.2013 15:39

Are you kidding me? Why aren't you reporting the truth? Report the obvious correlation...Fukush ima!!


Dannie Kirk Jensen 05.11.2013 15:28

I'm surprised no one draws the obvious parallel to radiation from Fukushima. You disappoint me RT.


nicktrcat . 05.11.2013 14:57

Spooky RADIATION more like!

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