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Bin Laden driver suspected of organizing killing of US ambassador in Libya

20.09.2012 17:16

As investigations widen in the case of the recent assault in Benghazi that left US Ambassador John Stevens and three other Americans dead, new intelligence suggests the attack was tied to al-Qaeda, and particularly an associate of Osama bin Laden.

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Murray Bernie 04.08.2013 13:26

The US had an unarmed drone watching events unfold above the consular,it knew the Ambassador had been sodomised and murdered,yet lied about him dying of smoke inhalation.Stevens feard for his life but was denied extra security ,why ?.Apparently Libya was crawling with CIA operatives and the consular was being used for rendition.Maybe there is truth in the rumours he knew too much about the Obama adminstration gun running to Syrian terrorists from Libya and had to go,might explain why he was left to die in an area with heavy US presence,,the truth wont come out yet because it could end up with Obama impeached.

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