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'Time to reform surveillance state': Stop Watching Us rally challenges NSA spying

26.10.2013 22:50

Twelve years after Americans were stripped of their rights in the name of fighting terrorism, thousands have gathered in Washington DC to protest unconstitutional NSA spying programs revealed by Edward Snowden, and call for repeal of the Patriot Act.

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mergon 23.08.2014 12:06

Keep your phone in a Faraday cage purse/pouch it stops them from tracking you when you go from A to B !

The new digital road sign network is brimming with cameras and RF tracking equipment , airports /train stations /bus stations all have active tracking equipment to scan for pac,s mac,s and imi,s in phones and computers , airport security will tell you to take your phone out and prove it works this is so they can scan your device , this is done because more and more people are keeping their device in the Faraday cage purse /pouch ! they want you pac,s mac,s and imi,s !


mergon 06.12.2013 12:09

Every budget has a point break if every body just disabled just one camera they might get the idea !


mergon 06.12.2013 12:03

Take a known quantity like every one communicates with phones and computers and then hack into them and then take the car , legislate some clean act about emissions fit a C.A.N RF system where the computer controls everything
and then transmits it to to a roadside receiver system like is the car taxed,insured,mot,ed ,number plates, phone calls,internet useage ,driver licence details ,criminal record ect ect !

UK the government is doing away with road tax discs to save printing and postage charges ,they have increased the number of cameras bt tens of thousands !


R 04.11.2013 02:44

The people have more of a right to spy on government officials than they have a right to spy on us.
Government for the people by the people! sound familiar?
They have proven to us that they cannot be trusted! so lets start a campaign to keep track of what they are up to, who they talk to and what kind of illegal activity they are doing. After the latest drone attack in Pakistan you can bet more innocent people will be killed because of the illegal activity of Obamba.


Hitler_was_framed 27.10.2013 22:07

Martial law coming to America, bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was not sparred. What would Putin do?


sherry nash 27.10.2013 19:26

Why does Obama require the World to be Monitored? Its what Paranoid Leaders with Much to Hide do~Its the only way for Obama to ensure his Lies remain protected.


sherry nash 27.10.2013 19:24

What if next week suddenly it was announced "NSA discontinues ALL Spying of Everyone"...How would you verify it?


sherry nash 27.10.2013 19:22

Riddle me this~The NSA Network claims to be Spying on The World~Well why didn't that IT Group develop the ACA Website? Never forget Alinsky~"Its not what you know~Its What they THINK you know"~This could be one Grand Deception like 99.9% of the rest of Obama's Tyrannical Rule~


jeff strehlow 27.10.2013 16:29

Galmukovff 27.10.2013 15:51

We spy on them, they spy on us, and the others spy on each other. It's what they all do. U.S. has superior technology in this field, but THEY ALL DO IT!...


The demonstration isn't about countries spying on each other. It's about the extreme scope and invasiveness of the spying. It is certainly illegal in the US. The people are expected to follow the laws and the government should follow them also. This is a very dangerous time for democracy in the US now: the government is abusing their power and the people aren't allowed to know it.


Kizone Kaprow 27.10.2013 16:20

I love the boxes of phony "signatures.&qu ot; Everyone knows that internet petitions are utterly meaningless. Why did all but a few hundred of those "575,000" people stay home instead of attend the rally? Because it's easy to "sign" a phony internet petition, whereas actually going outside and doing something requires a little more initiative.


jeff strehlow 27.10.2013 14:33

Don Foster 27.10.2013 14:24

Time to reform surveillance state': Start watching THEM


It's funny that they watch us closely but don't want us to watch them. I think we should start watching them closely and scrutinizing their actions. Actually, that's the way it needs to be in a democracy.


jeff strehlow 27.10.2013 14:13

From the text: "The Stop Watching Us rally comes as twenty-one countries, including US allies France and Mexico, have joined talks to hammer out a UN resolution that would condemn “indiscriminate” and “extra-territorial ” surveillance, and ensure “independent oversight” of electronic monitoring. "

Good idea. I expect the US to resist it though and not act in accordance with it. A resolution is important though, to clarify what is acceptable surveillance and what is not.


jeff strehlow 27.10.2013 13:41

Jason King 27.10.2013 06:24

This is a complete waste of time. Do you really think the NSA will stop listening to POI's (Person's of Interest)...


They are not just listening to a select few. They are storing basically all electronic text communications. They are gathering evidence that they can use against us at some future date.

Peace ful demonstrations pressures the government for change. Even if the demonstrations are ignored, they must be tried. If the people continue to be ignored and the government becomes increasingly repressive it may come to violence, but few want that.


Anglian Saxonite 27.10.2013 10:41

I suggest you watch a series called "REVOLUTION&quo t;

It is scary just how much truth comes out and what way the U.S is heading.


Anglian Saxonite 27.10.2013 10:36

Strange how snowden is classed as a criminal back in the U.S but the world see's him as a hero for telling the world just how paranoid the U.S are and how they are spying on the world, i wonder if he had not have come out and told the world would the U.S still be spying on world leaders still !

How can they justify spying in the name of "National security" or there lame excuse "War on terror" when the world is NOT at war with the U.S !

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