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Slowing down the surveillance state: a guide to warrantless government spying

06.12.2012 22:38

If the growing use of governmental tip-toeing to wiretap phone lines and emails doesn’t seem serious, think again. So heightened lately are concerns over surveillance that two major organizations have published a primer on federal spy programs.

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mergon 17.01.2014 11:28

Unless you are using a short wave burst transmitter for you communications they have you ,security protocol,s
are inbuilt into phones and computers.
Even your cars computers have them ,systems are built with that in mind like your inbuilt vehicle navigation system that is combined with your in car entertainment ,if your vehicle has a C.A.N emission system it works on an RF signal ,why does it have to transmit its signals 50ft ,well its to do with the digital road sign system that tracks your vehicle where ever it goes ,all of you phones internet go through the vehicles computer direct or other wise !

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