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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged with conspiring to use WMD, may face death penalty

22.04.2013 14:37

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving brother implicated in the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, has been charged with using weapons of mass destruction to kill people, a federal crime which is punishable by death, the Justice Department said.

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Tom Fontaine 02.04.2014 16:57

You say the govt would never kill their own? Read Operation Northwoods and say that. There is a saying of old.....
"B etter this one man die than we lose all our following"
"A few must be sacrificed for the good of the many"
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few or 1"


Tom Fontaine 02.04.2014 16:48

The Tsarnaev brothers were made to be patsies to take the fall for this operation. Why use real bombs? Because in order to test the Nations response in a crisis situation fake drills just don't have the same effect as adrenaline taking hold of the agencies to perform their duties. They needed another "Pearl Harbor" to activate 'Martial Law' and test the system in a real time reality check.....


Tom Fontaine 02.04.2014 16:46

People do not believe all you hear on the news. The govt press releases fed MSM all that they reported. After 11 months of grueling hours of research, I have concluded that the BMB was a Black Ops false flag event using the Urban Shield Bomb Pack Drill that DHS and the DoD had planned for on that day and recruited all Government and Law agencies to partake in it.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 01:15

Some American comments belong on the KINDERGARTEN TOILET WALL.!!!

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 20:57

One world governments continues staging fake "terror" acts.

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 20:55

Americans and the world were successfully spoon fed with 9/11/01 "terror"

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 20:54

Americans have been successfully swallowing lies spewed forth by corporate.

Anonymous user 27.04.2013 20:52

All this "terror" farce was set up by the State Department!!!

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 23:58

4:49 another ridiculous Muslim hiding behind LIES pretending to be American. We're so onto Muslims

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 23:56

love love love that the young bro squashed his older bro like a cockroach in the STOLEN Suv. Hahaha

Anonymous user 26.04.2013 23:54

Dzhorkar will get raped 10 times a day in prison before he dies in gas chamber. Allah Akabar folks

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