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Freedom of the Press Foundation takes over Aaron Swartz's whistleblower project

15.10.2013 18:12

Whistleblowers, rejoice! The Freedom of the Press Foundation is taking the helm of a secure document-submission service co-created by late computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, and wants to make it more accessible than ever.

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TMay 21.12.2013 22:37

What was the outcome of the attempt to pass Aaron's Law?


Aggie L 19.11.2013 20:17

This is the true blood spilled under the tree of liberty. Transparency will be restored or democracy is dead. It is up to all of us to defend a vibrant 4th Estate, and drag the government along kicking and screaming.

"The most important role in government is that of the citizen." ~Justice Brandeis


gary stewart 16.10.2013 09:59

They murdered swartz, thats what the cia does best. Religion is a hoax, heaven is its joke.


Ean x 16.10.2013 09:54

A strike back at fascism in favour of democracy and freedom of the press. Well done Freedom of the Press Foundation.


Terry Mckinney 16.10.2013 09:16

Always good to have a way of beating the NSA.Too sad that it's come to this.


Mike Littlefield 16.10.2013 06:09

Somewhere in Heaven, Aaron Swartz is smiling. And all those crooked mare-can "officials" ; who harassed him can rest assured that his face will be among the last ones they see before they pass into the Lake of Fire.


abdulMuid 15.10.2013 22:31

Yes, thank you so much!


DAWIE POOLMAN 15.10.2013 20:40

Awesome developments


Carlos Gomez 15.10.2013 20:37

A simple Amen. Thank You.

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