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Texas secession fever: bumper stickers after petition

27.11.2012 21:41

A new bumper sticker is making its way around Texas. With the word ‘SECEDE’, the sticker has become a hit among those who are angered by Mitt Romney’s loss in the US presidential election.

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a sanchez 12.05.2013 07:52

Voting is an illusion of choice,

right or left it's irrelevant
congr ess only listens to money like the one spilled by the NRA even though polls show how 90% of the people in this country felt .

USA = is really like a syndicated rerun of almost all failed known empires throughout existence.

what brought Rome down = Corruption with in the senate.

Con gress listen to $$ more than the people
our cousins in the UK would have had a riot for days.


a sanchez 12.05.2013 07:44

What? Texas will never secede bc
1. what will they do with out the federal gov with all their hurricanes aka natural disaster for those that don't know.

2. It was a Texas that got us knee deep into 2 wars for nothing and nearly bankrupted the entire country

3. Who will they trade with? Mexico, I don't think so not with the rep they have towards Mexicans.

4 . Oil from Canada Stops or do you think the rest of America will let you get away with that mess of a oil line you Texas have.

5. How bout Roads, whose gong pay for that, they will be back to dirt roads in a matter of years.

6. Medicaid no more.

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