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Violent but careless New York gangs thwarted by social media evidence

05.04.2013 22:38

Street gangs in the midst of turf battles may want to rethink their Facebook privacy settings. New York officials who announced the indictment of 63 members of three rival street gangs say messages posted to social media were critical as evidence.

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Anonymous user 17.04.2013 00:02

Ug me go home now & sweep out cave before woman come home

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 01:19

Oh my where is that code dictionary? Did they write one for the Banksters yet?

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 00:27

East Harlem & the Bronx a continuous Chimpout.

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 00:22

The biggest difficulty is translating Ebonics into a human language.

Anonymous user 06.04.2013 00:19

Stupid is as stupid does

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