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Too fat to die: Ohio killer considered too big for lethal injection

09.11.2012 19:32

The doctor of a 480 lb. death row inmate said in an Ohio court filing that the convicted murderer is “too fat” to receive a lethal injection and is therefore unable to be executed.

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Mark Lawson 18.01.2014 09:13

who cares if he can't be KILLED by the state. so this is for religious . if you kill someone you go to h*** well if you endorse killing someone does that mean you go to h*** as well. killing is killing don't matter if the person is a murderer etc. Killing is still killing. we would go to jail for killing a murderer is don't matter. it costs more to kill someone anyways.

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 02:41

Too fat for lethal injection? How's firing squad sound to ya? You ain't too fat for a bullet.

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